Electric Jelly Dual USB Car Charger Review

Reviewed by Kerry Hopkins

I’ve received the Electric Jelly Racing Driver Dual USB Car Charger and was instantly impressed with the quality of this item! It is made of plastic but feels really robust and well-made and looks like a racing car driver!

The packaging it came in was attractive and I appreciated that I could open the box without the use of scissors or a sharp knife which I can never seem to find in my house! I thought the concept of this item, being that his head acts as a holder to hang in your car for practical storage was really good as I am constantly losing things in my car. The way the two parts attach I also thought was really good also as they connect easily but I also wouldn’t worry about the bottom half coming away whilst driving around because they stay together very well.

The design is really good too with attractive colours, my daughter thought it was a toy for her! I was really pleased that this item is a dual USB charger as my partner and I always argue over who gets to charge their phone on car journeys and now we both get to do so at the same time!


Overall I think this item is a good practical item that would make a fantastic gift for someone who, like me, tends to use a lot of battery on their devices and would benefit from having an adapter for their car that can also charge two devices at one time!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9


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