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EasiYo Yogurt Maker And Jar Review


Reviewed by Lauren Whitehead

I was really impressed with the EasiYo 1kg Red Yogurt Maker primarily due to the fact that it does not require electronics – just the magic of active yoghurt cultures – to make perfect yoghurt!

EasiYo was invented in 1992 by a Physics teacher who wanted to teach his 8 children about how to eat a healthy diet. It is a super easy and environmentally friendly way to make your own yoghurt.  The pack called EasiYo 1kg Red Yogurt Maker retails at £16.99 from Lakeland and includes a Red 1kg yogurt jar and a container. The jar which, when filled with ingredients, is immersed in hot water inside the container and 10 hours later you have yoghurt. The EasiYo yogurt sachets are sold separately and I tried three flavours: Strawberry, Cappuccino and Banana. All you do is mix the pack in the jar with some lukewarm water and pop it into the container. The kids loved the strawberry and banana and us adults really enjoyed the unusual cappuccino choice – something a bit different. I have not been able to find banana yoghurt in large pots since I had it as a kid in the 90’s so was very chuffed when I was able to have a whole litre of home-made banana yoghurt to get through!

I have made yoghurt before in a plug-in machine with separate pots but have had limited success with making yogurt completely from scratch without any starter packet so I thought I would try it with the EasiYo. I found instructions on sustainablesuburbia.net for the recipe which contained 3 tbsp natural yogurt, 1L boiled and cooled milk and 1/2 cup milk powder. It came out a little on the runny side but tasted yummy so I’ll have another go with a little more milk powder and yogurt for the starter.
One of the major draws for me is that the EasiYo is environmentally friendly – no need for throw away plastic pots and no electricity usage. This no-faff yoghurt is perfect for families or anyone who eats a lot of yoghurt. Compared to other yoghurt makers, I love the fact it is all made in just one big pot as we get through a lot of natural yoghurt in my house, no need for little pots! However, if you want to have yoghurt on the go, as well as spare 1L jars (£3), EasiYo sell Lunchtakers, 250g mini-jars with lids (£1.75) and SqueeziYo’s, reusable 130ml squeezy pouches (£5 for 3), which you can decant the already-made yoghurt into after it has finished making: superb for lunchboxes!

The EasiYo is really easy! Its quick to make, even the kids know how to do it. It is very easy to keep clean – just wipe it down after you have finished using, no need to immerse in water to wash and the jar is dishwasher-proof too.

In terms of ingredients, the ready-to-go packs are free from artificial ingredients and stabilisers. They contain live cultures, good for the tummy. They are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. One 100g serving of the Cappuccino, for example, contains 108kcal so a good healthy snack, even less if you make your own from scratch as I explained above. Sachets may seem expensive at around £3.30 each but it actually works out cheaper than pots of ready-made, flavoured, branded yoghurts. And it is even cheaper if you make your own from scratch using a yoghurt starter from a shop bought yoghurt.

Once set, the EasiYo sachet-made yoghurts will last for 2 weeks in the fridge and if you want to you can buy an extra jar and have more than one flavour on the go at once. There are loads of flavours available: The Everyday Range and Indulgence Ranges include classic flavours like strawberry, vanilla, rhubarb, honey and even crème brulee; The Greek Style Range contains a selection of flavours Greek-style yoghurts; the Wellbeing Range with natural, low fat, unsweetened Greek-style yoghurt; the Protein Range for protein-packed homemade yoghurt. I will enjoy making yoghurt from scratch and using the EasiYo 1kg sachets from now on – no need for shop bought!

Rating: 5/5: 3/5 for the results of yoghurt from scratch made in the EasiYo container but a definite 5/5 for the use with the EasiYo sachets.  Sachets and additional reusable pots and pouches can be found on these sites too!

RRP: £16.75 direct from EasiYo or £16.99 from Lakeland

This product can be purchased from the Lakeland website here.

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