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SofiaFirstBraceletDisney Sofia the First Bracelet


Reviewed by Shelley Owens

As a huge fan of Disney’s youngest princess Sofia the First, my 3 year old daughter was delighted with this enchanting bracelet! For those not in the know, Sophia is an ordinary girl whose life is transformed when her mother marries the King of the magical Kingdom of Enchancia and her first gift as a new princess is an enchanted Amulet. Giving her the power to talk to animals, her amulet sparks a series of adventures which also feature some of Disney’s well-loved Princesses such as Cinderella and Ariel, the little Mermaid as they help her solve problems and learn how to be a Princess in a magical Kingdom – a big hit in our household!!

This lovely bracelet comes in simple, attractive packaging and would make an excellent birthday party gift or stocking filler with 3 delightful designs to choose from featuring either a Carriage, Teacup or a Pillow with Tiara. Each one opens up to reveal a tiny Sofia figure and was a big hit with my little girl! Showing my age a little, the design reminded me of the original Polly Pocket sets with the micro dolls inside and has delighted my own little princess for hours. Taking Sofia on her journey to nursery, toddler class and to visit friends this week, it is a lovely little portable playset to own!

The Pillow bracelet which she has been proudly wearing this week, has a golden yellow wristband which can be moulded to fit your child’s wrist although we did need to give it a tight squeeze and overlap the two sides slightly for a secure fit. My 3 year old is of average size so you should be aware that on slender children this may not sit securely without adult assistance!

SofiaFirstBracelet1Each bracelet features Princess Sofia in a different outfit and these dolls are interchangeable, popping securely into place with a plastic peg hidden within the Carriage, Teacup or Pillow and the top of each design pops open to reveal each doll inside! Featuring everything a girl could wish for, glitter, gems and pretty colours, my daughter has definitely got these on her Christmas wishlist to complete her collection. Also available within the range are earring and ring sets which we will now be looking out for too!

We give the Sofia the First bracelet a 4/5 based on the slight sizing issue. At £8.99 it is slightly more than what we would term a pocket money toy around the £5 mark but it is a genuine Disney branded product, lovely quality and excellent portable entertainment!

Suitable for age 3 years +

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £8.99

Available to buy from Flair PLC here.

4 Star

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