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Cricut – Using Permanent and Iron on Vinyl Review


Reviewed by Dorothy White

I am very lucky that I enjoyed using the Cricut Joy my daughter left with me so much that when a friend offered to pick up a Cricut Maker for me when she bought hers I jumped at the offer.  I am now in the lucky position that I am able to use larger designs on projects even if it is not possible to cut them in several separate pieces as I had been doing.

My eldest daughter bought me eight beautiful turquoise rectangular glass tiles recently and I couldn’t wait to find a suitable design to put on them using the Cricut Joy.  I love little Christmas figures, pictures etc, which drives my younger daughter mad, as Christmas approaches lots of Christmas figures are brought out, some musical..  Immediately I returned home with these tiles I started searching for a suitable design and soon came across a Santa & Sleigh with reindeer flying high in the sky over the trees.  I used Cricut smart permanent vinyl in white and quickly cut the shape to fit the tile, then using Cricut strong Transfer Tape I transferred the design to the glass.  Unfortunately, I damaged the legs of one of the reindeers in the process as they were very skinny, so scrapped that idea and decided I would go to Hobbycraft to buy a Cricut smart permanent sparkly silver vinyl.  I will try the first design again at some point.  I looked for a different design and found a Santa flying high over the buildings and am pleased to say I was very happy with the result this time.  I measured the tile for length and width, put the design lengthways rather than across the mat, then used Attach to keep it all together during the cut.  There are some really fiddly little pieces to weed out, but if you refer to the design on Design Space as you are doing it they can be seen much easier.  I left some small fiddly parts unweeded, but it is only for me and I am happy with it as it is!  My daughter tells me you can buy little stands to put these tiles on so I will be able to display it properly closer to Christmas.

I bought two large Christmas sack blanks and using the text box and a font I chose from Cricut Design Space,  I typed each of my twin grandson’s names.  I then moved the letters so they were closer together and their names looked like they were in ‘joined up’ writing.  I used a bright red sparkly iron on vinyl to cut their names using the Cricut Joy which I then ironed onto the sacks.  They will be so excited on Christmas Day!

A friend had seen the small picture frame I had done for a colleague’s 50th birthday using the Cricut Joy where I had used a split capital letter with her initial, then her first name through the middle.  A friend asked me if I could make one like it for her friend Julie.  I decided to use smart permanent gold sparkly vinyl this time and a wooden frame.   My friend loves it, I hope her friend does too!

My sister-in-law was turning 90 which is quite a momentous birthday.  I wanted to make something very special for her and put it in a frame.  Using the Cricut Joy I used the split capital initial letter of her first name and put her name through the middle.  I placed this at the bottom right hand side of my design.  I had chosen a 90th birthday svg which said ‘90 & fabulous’ for the top half of the design and used the Cricut smart permanent sparkly gold vinyl again, this time I had to use my Cricut Maker as I couldn’t split the design or make it big enough using the Cricut Joy.  I then made a paper rose in pink also using the Cricut Maker to go in the bottom left hand corner of the design, but it was much too large and the wrong colour.  My youngest granddaughter suggested I use red for the flower, why hadn’t I thought of that?  I made a much smaller flower in red and put it at the bottom left hand side of the design.  I was really pleased with the result and once finished I put it in the natural wood deep frame I had bought specially for it.  I sent it to my sister in law who hadn’t realised I had made it, she thought I had bought it!

My daughter gave me some of the key rings.  Using the text box, I cut a capital M in Cricut smart permanent vinyl in turquoise, then typed my eldest granddaughter’s full name and cut that in the Cricut smart sparkly gold permanent vinyl.  I put the capital M on a circular plastic keyring fob first, then Meghan across it horizontally. It was a success!

I am still really enjoying creating things with the Cricut Joy.  A friend commented that she hadn’t realised I was so artistic.  I’m not, someone else has done the artistic part for me!!  Another three friends have now bought Cricut Makers after seeing what my daughter and I have produced on the Cricut Joy and Cricut Maker.  Fantastic machines!!

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