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ChrisdeBurghChris De Burgh
The Lowry, Manchester

15 May 2015

Reviewed by Karen Crielly

Friday night we were at the Lowry theatre in Manchester to see Chris de Burgh in concert. The Lowry Theatre is easy to get to straight of the motorway and has more than ample parking. There are also plenty of places to eat and drink literally just outside the front door of the theatre or Media City with plenty of bars is just couple minute walk away. If eat or drink at any of these establishments you can have your parking ticket validated, which then reduces your parking costs. There are also several bars and proper restaurants inside the Lowry itself which was lovely and costs for drinks etc… were no more expensive than any other theatre.

We had seats in the stalls row N seats 29/30 in the Lyric Theatre, with a fantastic view of the stage. I also think this is the first theatre I have been to that has no restricted view seating. We were on the end of the row so access was easy in and out for us, and there was plenty of leg room, so you could sit comfortably.

Well Chris de Burgh came on stage promptly at 7:30pm along with his band as there was no support act, which managed to cause quite a few late comers and so began a wonderful evening’s entertainment. There was a spectacular light and visual show going on along with the great music. Each song had a stunning sequence to accompany it and the video being shown on the big screen was a fabulous touch as they enhanced the message contained in each song. With regards to the fabulous light show, it should be noted that the lights were designed to encompass the audience as part of the show and this could be problematic if flashing lights are a trigger.

Chris played all the classics: A Spaceman Came Travelling, a stunning foot stomping rendition of Don’t Pay the Ferryman and of course Lady in Red, it was during this song that Chris came down off the stage and joined us in the audience, shaking hands, having his picture taken and dancing with his fans, he even shook our hands which was lovely and made the night even more special. There was a solid hour of music new and old along with some great interaction with the crowd before the interval.

On return to the stage they played a couple of acoustic songs and then the band left the stage and Chris and is 12 string guitar took centre stage for around 40 minutes, where he chatted to everyone and played a few requests that had been received, he talked about what inspired his music and how they all come about. Every song is a beautiful story that comes from personal experiences in his and his family’s life, and for the first time I really listened to the words they were deep and meaningful and touching. He encourages everyone to get to their feet and dance in the aisles and sing along, which was great as the atmosphere was electric. But for me the best bit of the night was hearing him sing live “Patricia” it was just a magic moment for me. Now for those who are unfamiliar with this song, I strongly advise you find it on youTube, but I must warn you it is no Lady in Red and little ears are not suited to hear it… It is such a funny and un-Chris de Burgh song.

Fabulous night out very definitely 5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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