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CEWE Hexxas Wall Art Review


Reviewed by Mrs_Taylor

It is starting to get darker earlier and also a lot colder which means it is finally getting closer to Christmas! I love buying personalised items for people for Christmas so I was really happy to be able to review Hexxas – hexagonal photo tiles from CEWE (Europe’s leading printing company).

CEWE has both an app and a website. I downloaded the app but although the app looks to be well designed I couldn’t actually find the Hexxas – hexagonal photo tile on it as there doesn’t seem to be a search option. Instead I went to their website and found them under wall art.

These hexagonal photo tiles are available in two sizes – 18cm x 15.6cm from £9.99 (£14.99 for one) or 27 x 23.4cm (£16.99 for one). You first need to choose your size and the amount you would like. The next page then shows you ten hexagonal tiles close to each other so you can easily see what the final product will look like.

I chose to have three individual photos in three photo tiles but I love that you have the option to have one photo split across many different tiles if you wanted to (and quite amusing to see what the final product for some photos, if you did that, would look like). It was also really easy to add photos by either going to your photo library or connecting with Dropbox or Google Photos.

As soon as I had ordered the hexagonal photo tiles I got an email with my confirmation and then a day later I had another email to let me know that my order had been dispatched. I was really impressed with how quickly they arrived. They arrived in a small cardboard box (not quite small enough to fit through the letterbox though) and I liked that there was no unnecessary packing.

In the box, if you get more than 3 tiles, you get a ‘y-spacer’ as well as the tiles which is perfect for making sure you space out your tiles correctly. You also get a little sheet of instructions which explains how to put your tiles on the wall (on the back of each tile is a magnetic suspension with a ‘powerstrips’ which is essentially a sticky sheets which sticks to the wall) and they were very easy to put up.

I do think these were slightly expensive for what you got (as three small tiles would come to just under £45) but they do look really pretty on the wall and I love the hexagonal shape.

CEWE has a huge range of other products from photobooks to greeting cards to calendars as well as a variety of other wall art options such as canvas prints and aluminium prints. As a result it is definitely the perfect place to start looking for personalised Christmas gifts for friends or family!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: from £9.99 each (when ordering 10 tiles or more)

This product can be purchased from CEWE here.

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