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Bunnychow London Review

Reviewed by Meresa Bergin

Looking for somewhere different for lunch? Then Bunnychow is the place for you!

Now let me tell you all about Bunnychow, the first Bunny was created in Durban, South Africa in the 1940’s and now thanks to Bunnychow we can all enjoy it in London! Bunnychow’s are a South African fast food dish consisting of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry, you get to pick which bread you would like white, brown or brioche and then you get to pick what goes inside it.

There is;
Durban Bunny: Slow cooked mutton curry and your choice of topping – £5
Chakalaka Bunny: Spicy chicken and tomato with your choice of topping – £5
Veggie Bunny: Cauliflower, chickpeas, paneer, spicy South African sauce – £5
Pri Pri Pork Bunny: 8 hour pulled pork & Bunnychow’s Piri Piri sauce – £5

You then get to pick a topping from Nacho, Pickled Slaw and Coriander, then you wait for the magic to happen!

I picked the Veggie Bunny and my husband had the Pri Pri Pork Bunny, the service was outstanding as we had our orders taken, the waiter explained to us what everything was which was helpful as I had never been before or had a Bunnychow. I loved the shop it is very quirky and different with lots of posters, I liked the one which explained how to eat your Bunny. There are plenty of places to sit to eat inside if you wish and there are toilets which are clean and well stocked.


We had a drink with our meals, I picked North Beach Coco cream, coco water, banana, lime, lemon £2.50 and my husband had Madiba Grapefruit, vanilla, lime & elderflower £2.50, there are lots of drinks to choose from and you can make your fruit drink into a cocktail by adding alcohol to it, there is also coffee and sodas available.

BunnyChow is easy to get to, a five minutes walk from Leicester Square tube which is how we came and is in the middle of Soho there are a few parks locally if you wanted to eat outside and the shop does takeaway and delivery.

We were both very impressed with our meals, the taste was amazing. I adore spicy food so I was happy, my husband can struggle with spices sometimes but did not find them too overpowering and really enjoyed it. I loved the tins they came in which I thought was really different and the jars our drinks came in were very cute. My North Beach was prefect and went down well with my Bunny, my husband found his Madiba very refreshing and you could really taste all the ingredients in it which is rare with drinks sometimes. I felt the Bunny’s were great value for money. I had thought they would be somewhat like a sandwich but it was more like a meal and would really fill you up.


The shop also does desserts and side orders from £2.50 if you are really hungry and wanted to add to your meal, I didn’t feel the need for this but they did look delicious and you can also have your Bunny without the bread if you are watching your weight or for a gluten free choice and come with rice. There is also a breakfast Bunny you can try which looked pretty yummy and would be a great way to start the day with a full tummy.

Bunnychow also have a badge which in itself is pretty cool, I stuck mine on my bag and felt pretty awesome but it has a value other than making you look the business, it also gets you free food! The shop has offers such as a free drink or dessert with your meal when you show your cool and awesome badge, how really what could be better than that?

Get yourself to Bunnychow next time you are feeling hungry, with opening hours from breakfast until late so there is no excuse to not try!

Rating: 5/5

For more information or to view menu visit

Bunnychow, 74 Wardour St, London, W1F 0TE | 020 7439 9557


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