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Big Potato Games Weird Things Humans Search For Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

My children and I love playing board games together – I have always loved games, but since the girls came along, most of the games in the cupboard have been ones that we play as a family. And games that are aimed at a six-year-old and a nine-year-old are not necessarily the most exciting for grown-ups to play. So, it was great to be asked to try out Big Potato Games’ newest game, Weird Things Humans Search For, which is not a game for younger children. Big Potato Games are known for making innovative, fun and slightly ‘different’ games, and this one is no exception.

The box says that the game is aimed at age 14+, and can be played by 3-20 players, in around twenty minutes. The game comes packaged in a really sturdy cardboard box and isn’t one that I think would be damaged easily. The lid lifts off to reveal the contents of the box, stored in a plastic tray: two sets of question cards, a notepad, a scorecard pad, 4 pencils and a set of instructions. The aim of the game and the rules are very simple (as are all of the best ones) – the top of each card has the first part of a Google search. The players simply have to complete the search sentence to score points. So for example, what possible query endings could there possibly be to “Why do I have so much…”. Each player or team must come up with a main answer and a bonus answer on their pads, and the question master will then award the relevant points and record them on the score card. Some of the answers are hilarious – no one will ever ask Google why they have so much money, but may wonder why they have so much wind, discharge, earwax and bad luck. The game comes with 160 question cards, which I think is plenty as a starting point, as each full game only consists of using five of the cards.

Although the game states that you need 3 or more players, my boyfriend and I played it really successfully with just the two of us. We just popped the question card in an envelope to hide the answers whilst we were thinking about the questions. We did really enjoy it, although I do think that it would have been even more fun played with teams rather than just individual players. It would make a super after-dinner game for when friends come over for a meal.

The instructions are really clear, and we were playing in no time at all. It’s a brilliant little game that could be a great party game for lots of people, or something to fill in a bit of time on long train journeys or when the kids are in bed. We did think that a timer would have been a useful addition, especially if playing with teams, as the instructions make reference to one minute of conferring time.

At £19.99, I think this is a great addition to a game cupboard or would make a super gift.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

Available to buy from Amazon here. For more information on Big Potato and all their games visit

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