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Big Potato Games: Qwordies and The Chameleon Review

Reviewed by Emma Stubbs

My husband and I are really into board games and love trying new ones out – times have changed so much in the game playing world, and board games now don’t just mean Monopoly and Cluedo. I was delighted to be given the opportunity to review two games from game makers Big Potato; Qwordie and The Chameleon. Both games felt well-designed, well-made, well-thought-out and well-marketed – in a rapidly expanding market, they definitely oozed quirkiness and appeal.  I was also sent a fun potato plushie soft toy with the games, that my daughter immediately snatched!


Qwordie is so simple to set up and play – I have a very short attention span and low stamina when it comes to learning how to play new games, so this was ideal! It is a mix of a quiz and Scrabble, and players must use, collect and steal letter tiles to answer questions such as ‘name the surname of any Bond actor’ or ‘name one of the instruments in a string quartet’. There are easier or more difficult questions, depending on who you are playing with, and although the game is marketed at age 14+, it would be playable by most players over 11 years old. My husband and I played a few rounds and really enjoyed it. I particularly liked how you could choose how long you wanted the game to be, as we often don’t have time to sit down and play a game for an hour, as much as we would like to.

The game is all contained in a metal tin that houses the letter tiles, the cards and paper and pencils if needed. This makes setting up and putting away afterwards speedy too. From an aesthetic point of view, I loved the quirkiness of the bright blue and yellow stripes – before even playing the game, I was eager to open it and get going.

If I was giving this game as a gift, it would suit a wide range of people, from families with older children, to students, to those who have just retired. I would certainly love to be given it as a gift as opposed to the usual presents.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

The Chameleon

The Chameleon is a game for 3-8 players, and relies on interaction between players, making it a great party game for family and friends, or a group who are getting to know each other. In a nutshell, one player is ‘the chameleon’ and by using a code card and 2 dice, everybody in the group except them knows the secret word from a specific list. Each player must then say a word that relates to the secret word in their attempt to prove they are not the chameleon.

I trialled this game out with my husband and our two friends, and we had so much fun. It really is amusing watching each other bluffing and struggling under pressure, whilst trying to work out who is the chameleon. We will definitely be downloading the Big Potato Games app to get more cards once we’ve exhausted the ones we have. Like Qwordie, it is aimed at players over 14 years old, but I can’t see any reason why most 11 year olds would struggle to play. I’m looking forward to playing it with my parents and siblings at a family gathering, and it would make a great gift for anyone who likes to host parties, those with older children, or for a student going off to university.

I do have one slight grievance to air, and that is the box – it is so brilliantly designed with a green and yellow chequerboard hiding the name of the game within it, but it is made from waxed cardboard, which means it is extremely difficult to open – the inner box and outer lid just do not want to slide away from each other. May seem picky but it was really infuriating, and I’ve already ripped the box in my impatience to get in and play!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £39.99

Available to buy from Amazon here. For more information on Big Potato and all their games visit

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