BabyZoo Sleeptrainer Review

BabyZoo Sleeptrainer

Reviewed by Emma Baker

After a million of 5am get ups this funky looking product was more than welcome in our household.

It came in an easy to open box with a see-through window at the front so you could see which clock you had chosen, it shows you pictures of the front and back of the clock and what to expect, and the back had a variety or paragraphs in different languages telling you about the clock. The enclosed instruction leaflet enclosed was easy to follow.

My little boy (aged 2) couldn't wait to get the monkey (clock) out of the box and investigate what it did and what it was for. He was delighted when we put the 3 AA batteries needed in the clock and set the time, and pressed the little button on the top, the monkeys eyes closed and went to sleep! When we pressed the button again he magically awoke! Fabulous!

So after setting the time which had a digital as well as an analogue display which I think is a fab idea to help with telling the time too, we set the alarm for the next morning at 7.30am, and when bedtime came my little boy excitedly took his new friend off to bed and put him on the ledge next to his bed, pressed the button (you have to hold it in for 5 seconds) and watched Momo go to sleep and if you quickly pressed the button again a little night light came on, which he liked as he could see the monkey.

The next morning our usual 5am wakeup call came, but we knew that the clock couldn’t work miracles on the first night, but we did ask our little boy if the monkey was awake or asleep and he replied asleep, so we asked him to go back to bed until the monkey woke, which again didn’t happen but when 7.30 finally came round he was over the moon to not only see the monkey magically open his eyes but to be greeted by the wonderful sound of the jungle.

On about our 3rd night of repeating the process we were amazed to hear the jungle sounds come from out little boys room and to find him still fast asleep and when he awoke he was over the moon that the monkey was already awake and ready for the day.

I would say this great little product is a must have for any little persons room, the monkey is bright and colourful and very welcoming, a handy clock to help with time telling as well as an alarm and a night light! Fantastic! It was easy to use and programme and you can turn the volume of the alarm up and down or even off which was helpful at the weekends when we had no real reason to be up!

A big thumbs up and value for money.

Rating: 5/5

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