Anna Passey and Danny Mac Interview

We recently interviewed Anna Passey & Danny Mac who play Sienna & Dodger on Hollyoaks. This is what they had to say about the exciting Savage/Blake storyline.

Interviewed by Jackie Page-Streeton

In which ways are you similar to the character you play on Hollyoaks? 
Anna Like Sienna I can tend to be fairly guarded until I suss a situation out. I am also very loyal and protective of my family and friends, although in a much more balanced way than Sienna!

Danny  I look and sound a bit like him and all his likeable characteristics must be similar to me!

In which ways are you different to the character you play on Hollyoaks?
Anna I smile a lot more 😉 I'm also very lucky to have a very close and loving family, so I haven't had Sienna's struggles with being abandoned or feeling rejected, which have gone a huge way to shaping her personality.

Danny At the end of the day Dodger is a soap character so you have to appreciate that everything will always have to be that bit more dramatic. When I started he was probably a lot more similar to me but as the drama plays out and new scripts come along you are forced to wrestle with situations I've been fortunate enough to not have to go through. That's when you can really play with your role and develop a real depth to your character that sends them to light and dark places, and that's where the real fun is. 

Which cast members have made you feel most welcome?
Anna  I have spent the most time with my onscreen family do far; but everyone has been super welcoming.

Will Dodger & Sienna ever forgive Anna?
Anna I don't want to give too much away! Dodger and Sienna have had to do all of their growing up without a mother and have spent their lives feeling a huge sense of rejection from the person that was meant to love them more than anyone. Accepting her back is very difficult for them, but at the end of the day she is their mother and they both have a terrible yearning to have her back in their lives. It’s just a question of whether they can forget the past and learn to trust her.

Danny  I've no idea. Like any children they naturally want and need for perfect parents – people to guide you and care for you, people you can run to when things are tough and people to pat you on the back when you've done well. However there's a lot to be discovered and understood within their pasts and however much they may want to forgive I don't think it will be that straight forward. 

At heart is Dodger a 'Savage' or a 'Blake'?
Danny   I would say without a shadow of a doubt he is a Savage. That is all he knows and how he was brought up. And that's all thanks to Dirk. Dodger had a tough time coming to terms with Dirk not being his real father. He likes Patrick and from what he has come to know he's proud to be his son but that doesn't account for the previous 22 years of his life. There's still a lot to learn about and explore with the Blake’s and Dodge is a cautious lad. He will keep his guard up, albeit politely. 

Will Dodger and Texas ever get back together?
Danny   Dodger is meant to be with Texas in my opinion and the fact it’s always been the polar opposite of straight forward is where the fun is for us, but total frustration for the audience. The Texas, Dodger, Will scenario is a great one. It's been a challenge at times for us guys to get our heads around but we're enjoying the twists and turns. It has a GREAT crescendo so let’s wait and see what the answer to this question will be…!

How will the Blake family change the dynamics of the Savage family?
Danny   Well since the revelation of Dodger's biological father everything has almost settled too easily so I'm sure there will be a lot more secrets hidden in there amongst the truth. Especially with the arrival of their Mum, so watch this space. 

How did you prepare yourselves for the upcoming storyline?
Anna We had 'family' workshops when Jeremy and I joined, and again when Saskia was cast. We all gelled together very well and get on in real life which creates a brilliant working environment. Plus they're all such a generous and talented bunch that it made the episodes so exciting to shoot.

Danny Professionalism aside, the 'Savage’s' and the 'Blake’s' are all really good friends off screen and get on very well. We have clear knowledge of our own characters and very similar opinions and views on our characters' relationships. We all do our homework and research, then we spend lots of time discussing our storylines and scenes with each other, our directors and our producers. 

What's the best thing about being a part of Hollyoaks?
Anna Definitely the people – the cast are the nicest bunch of people and the crew are so experienced and work so tirelessly that I definitely feel in safe hands.

Danny  Having a great job that I enjoy waking up for every day. And the people that are there when I arrive. 

Can you give us a little snippet of what the viewers can look forward to where Dodger, Sienna and Anna are concerned?
Anna  Well let's just say family ties are complicated at the best of times and this family is certainly no exception; so expect lots more Savage-Blake drama!

Danny   Well I can assure you 2013 is not going to be a straight forward year for Dodger. He is going to have a lot to contend with and a lot of ups and downs, of which the downs are set to dominate. There's the outcome of his Mother's arrival and all the baggage that she brings, along with 'The Blake' history being explored and all that that entails, then there's the question of his and Texas' ever-doomed love for each other and will that ever work out for them. Alongside all this there's poor Theresa who simply adores him, plus the arrival of a new family of 5 boys to really stir things up. Hopefully everyone is as excited as I am!

Hollyoaks is on weekdays on Channel 4.

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