You’re Fired! How To Spot Unfair Dismissal

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Employees expect their bosses to act fairly and with dignity. Let’s face it, they are the experts and you put a lot of faith in them to act properly. But, the way some businesses fire employees like an episode of The Apprentice, it isn’t wise to trust your employer. Instead, you need to be aware and spot the signs when they appear. That way, you know when to kick up a fuss and file a lawsuit. Below are some of the signs for unfair dismissal. If any of these apply to you, contact a legal advisor as soon as possible.

Fired On The Spot

The movies like to make out that employers can just fire people on a whim. The reality, of course, is far from the truth. In reality, if you have passed your trial period, an employer has to follow a series of rules before they sack any of their personal. Firstly, they have to give you a verbal warning, then a written warning, and a final one warning any more will not be tolerated. If they don’t follow this pattern, they are liable for a wrongful dismissal lawsuit. As an employee, you have plenty of rights, you just have to know them before it is too late.

You’re Pregnant

Yes, employers have and continue to ‘fire’ women because they are pregnant. Of course, they don’t come out and say it outright as that would be stupid. Instead, they manoeuvre women into their way of thinking by saying things that are blatantly false. Many pregnant women have been fired because they were led to believe an alternative version of the truth. It is sad that pregnancy dismissal lawyers are constantly campaigning for better rights even in 2017. It isn’t just the cut and dry cases either. Sneaky businesses will often emotionally blackmail women into resigning. If you are pregnant and still working, be careful when you negotiate your maternity leave.

Golden Handshake

A golden handshake is when businesses give employees money in exchange for a resignation or a quiet layoff. Clearly, this isn’t a normal practice, or shouldn’t be a normal practice but often goes on behind closed doors. The people in question tend to take the money because it is on the table and seems like the best deal. And, sure, it might be in your best interests, but you don’t know until you speak to a professional. These ‘handshakes’ often come with a time limit to pressure you into signing. But, the people that stay calm and take their time come out on top.

No Trade Union

Trade unions are staunch advocates of workers’ rights. As such, they are the best people to speak to in times of need. However, employers are clever and they understand a trade union will only muddy the waters. So, they leave them out of the process and hope you don’t go one independently. They even lie and say they have consulted with them to push the process along. Your job is to listen and visit your nearest union official. They will tell you what you have to do and their opinion is unbiased.

When you see these signs, a warning signal should go off in your head.

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