Wolfden Outdoor Sleeping Pad Review


Reviewed by Ilze Lee

We are a family who love spending a lot of time outside, especially of course, once the weather starts being kinder!

We received the Wolfden Outdoor Sleeping Pad with integral foot pump and was pleasantly surprised at the minimal packaging used. No huge boxes to throw away, so that immediately gets our vote as an eco-conscious bunch.

The cover is robust, exactly what you would expect for camping trips.

It was the first time I used a product with an integral foot pump, so the ease and speed at which we got the sleeping pad ready for use was impressive. It literally took about two minutes from unpacking it until the kids started rolling around to test it out.

It looked really good and felt even better. We had to draw straws as to who would get to use it first, but we all managed to have a turn over the weekend. The verdict was unanimous, it was definitely the most comfortable one out of the four we were using.

We are not just going to use this for camping. With how conveniently small this folds up, it is easy to store in the house, therefor perfect for sleepovers and more. As mentioned before, we have a few but this one is the only one who folds up easily to get back into the original bag for it (the camping bag is made from resilient Terylene material which makes it waterproof, dirtproof, dustproof and lightweight). The others definitely require a lot more effort.

If you are looking for a perfect Father’s Day gift, I would highly recommend this. It is everything you would want in a sleeping pad to make the nights a bit more comfortable.

From what we could see over the weekend, it holds up pretty well without needing to pump it up again. It looks like a good quality product, durable and easy to clean.

This would make an outdoorsy dad very happy! 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

For more information or to buy visit www.wolfdenoutdoor.com.

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