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Reviewed by Rebecca Cross

Who would have thought I would be excited to receive a big box of toilet paper?  This isn’t just any toilet paper. For Who Gives a Crap toilet paper, each individual roll comes in its own colourful paper wrapper that is even sometimes themed for the time of year. The box I received was full of toilet rolls with Christmas-themed wrappers, that really brighten up the bathroom with their funky colours and festive designs.  In addition, if the toilet rolls are stacked you can create a Christmas tree covered in baubles and hiding animals – there was even a single roll that was the star to go on top of the tree!  (I don’t think I have ever had as much fun arranging the toilet rolls in the bathroom!)

It shows that Who Gives a Crap have put a significant amount of effort into their designs.  They are bright and fun – words you don’t often use for toilet roll!

One thing I have been really impressed with is their focus on sustainability.  The toilet rolls arrived in a cardboard box and since each roll is wrapped in paper, there is not any plastic in sight.  All packaging is 100% recyclable in your home recycling bin.

The toilet rolls I received were shipped very quickly and the parcel arrived in perfect condition.  The toilet paper itself is white and is made from bamboo that feels good quality and soft, as well as being eco-friendly.  It does not fall apart easily and the quality feels as good as other high-street brands that I have used.  The rolls are not scented (I prefer toilet roll this way).

Who Gives a Crap as a company have a big commitment for sustainability and doing their bit to help the environment. They commit to carbon neutral shipping and also donate 50% of their profits to charities that provide clean water and toilets to poor communities that don’t have this.  I think this really shows that they have strong values and really care about making a difference.

RRP is £48 for a pack of 48 double length (3-ply) rolls – I think this is on the pricier side for what you get but you are supporting an eco-friendly company that thinks about both the environment and charitable causes.  They do currently have an offer where you get £5 off your first order if you subscribe to regular deliveries. This means you never have to remember to pick up toilet roll at the supermarket and you will never be caught short!

Overall, I would recommend Who Gives a Crap toilet roll for families who would like good quality toilet roll whilst also caring about the environment.  I think the main down side is the price.  It works out at approximately £1 a roll, but if you can afford to, paying slightly more to support a responsible, ecological company is a good thing to do.  There is also the added bonus of receiving a fun set of toilet rolls that brighten up your bathroom!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £48 for a pack of 48 double length 100% bamboo toilet rolls

This product can be purchased from Who Gives a Crap UK here

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