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When Children Have Fun They Don’t Even Realise They Are Learning

Children are like little sponges. They want to learn. They are curious and questioning and adventurous…. but how best to fill these young absorbent minds, and teach them all the skills, they will need to know for school and beyond?

There are many different teaching methods. Generally speaking, learning might be structured with an adult, it might be on their own, it might be in pairs or small groups. They learn from their own experiences, from watching those older and younger than themselves, and by being directly taught. It is a combination of all of these that is important.

But with young children it is a universal truth that they predominantly learn through play. Learning should be fun. By having some fun toys and equipment at home, that are of good quality and with withstand the usual toddler test, you can inspire them.

Magic Fairy Wings is a great place to source your tools of fun. Quality is assured at great prices. To get ideas you can look through the drop down menus and see what catches your eye and you think will enchant your child’s imagination – you know them best. Half the fun for grown ups is in the shopping! But in case you are looking for more pointers here are some ideas from me:

Play could be imaginary, like role play. And this can be enhanced with dressing up; like this Doctor’s costume with accessories; or by using tools like small animals in a Farm Set, or with a Horse Box.

An important fine motor skill, which is usually asked about by Health Visitors around the 2 year check, is whether the toddler can feed beads onto a string – the Primary Lacing Beads would give them some good practice, and they could make mummy a necklace too!

To learn skills for getting dressed and undressed (like a zip, lace, buckle, tie, button, snap) why not make a game of it with the Bear on the Basic Skills Board or the Dress Up Princess might appeal.

Telling the time is a skill that will come a little later on, but an interest in time and clocks, and certainly numbers, will begin even earlier. The Shape Sorting Clock satisfies all of these curiosities and assists fine motor skills.

Most toddlers will sing the catchy alphabet tune (I know mine does, numerous times a day!) …but I don’t think he is yet really connecting what he sings with individual letters and what they mean. So, making it visual will make it even more fun. Children love problem solving and so the Alphabet Art puzzle, Magnetic Wooden Letters or/and the Alphabet Floor Puzzle might be just what you are looking for.

These are just a few ideas from me. I hope this has inspired you. Magic Fairy Wings is a little bit like Princess Elsa from Frozen – a little bit of magic AND fun. Enjoy browsing – there are plenty more ideas where these came from!

Kate x


P.S. And if you use our discount code FLS001 at the checkout, you’ll treat yourself to 10% off as well.

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