Weightloss & Fitness Diary 2nd and 3rd January 2015


I have been a bit poorly with a nasty cough for the last few days, so hence missing the 2nd of January post.bSome big decisions have been made here. I am rejoining my local Slimming World class this Tuesday and will make sure that I stay for group as much as possible. Hoping to get really into my new exercise regime once I start feeling a bit better.

I feel really good about the changes I am making to my life and that I can do this. I used to have such a nice curvy figure and now I just feel so frumpy. It will be brilliant to be able to pick out clothes I like and not just wear one of the few things I own which fit.

I have ordered a panini grill/griddle from Amazon which I am very excited about. I can then make chicken and pepper paninis.

No food diary on this update, but I will be posting daily ones once I start the Slimming World plan on Tuesday.

One thing I do want to cover on this daily diary is food budgets for a family of 5. If anyone is reading this who also has a family of 5, I would welcome your comments on how much your weekly food budget is, how easy you find to stick to it and which family meals you prepare.

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