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Village Green Signs – House Sign Review


Reviewed by Kelvin Tebbs

When looking at the possible signage ways to display the name/number of your house, there are a vast array of options in the marketplace for both numbers and name plates to choose from. However, sometimes shops don’t stock or offer the exact signage requirements we have ourselves, based on the property having a name that helps complement our home. As a result, there are several important factors that need to be considered when purchasing a particular sign.

For us, one of the most important elements was making sure we chose the right size, due to the property number need to be seen from the roadside. After all, our house is set back from the road so we felt it needed larger numbers than you typically find on most front doors which might open straight onto the public pavement. Not to mention any preference you may have for a specific font style and how the numbers and names might be spread across multiple lines. Some other things to consider for your sign, is the materials it will be made from, the overall design of it and also the shape of the sign. For example; an old Victorian, terraced house may not suit a super modern acrylic styled name plate. Instead, a more traditional, hand painted sign might be deemed better ‘in keeping’ with the character of the property and more aesthetically pleasing.

Shops very rarely are able to provide a service, or offer a selection of products to suit our exact individual needs, so we often end up having to ‘make do’ with purchasing the only options they have for sale.

However, the online company; Village Green Signs (www.villagegreensigns.co.uk) offer a service whereby they produce bespoke, custom made signs that are specifically made to order. This allows you to create and order your perfect house sign, enabling you to choose the style, design, material, sizing and font option for your sign, all for a very reasonable cost.

The Village Green Signs website is very straight forward and easy to navigate. When creating my house sign, I simply had to scroll and select the specific options. I wanted an acrylic sign rather than one made of slate, ceramic or resin etc. After selecting my material, a page was then displayed showing the name of various design styles that you could then choose from. Each style has its own name i.e. my selection was for the ‘Addington’ style. A picture demonstrating what a sign of that design would look like was shown next to the design name so that you can visual the design itself. The website also displays the ‘starting price’ for signs created in that particular material and design style. Therefore, before continuing, I already had a good idea of the price bracket (the price would be starting from £28), before I continued any further with the ordering process.

Once personalising the sign with specifics, you can choose the sizing options for the sign itself. The ‘Addington’ design had 3 sizing options and the cost for each of these sizes was also clearly indicated. I chose the middle sized option (30cm x 28cm at a cost of £36) purely because our house is slightly set back from the road, so the sign will be a little larger to ensure it’s visibility.

The next series of requirements for the personalisation is inputting the detail (what numbering/text) you want to include on which line for the sign, and then you can also select the font style for these elements, and the font sizing itself.

We have both a house number and home name, so I chose to have my house number displayed much larger than the house name written underneath it. I personally think in my situation, people are more likely to refer to the house number (making the delivery service people’s lives a little easier when delivering mail so they can see what number we are) rather than the house name.

Not all homes have a registered name for their house and this isn’t an issue either. You can still select the options you require but purely for numbering. Or in the case that there is not a number, then the same applies for the house name lettering only.

Once you have selected all the options, a picture demonstrates your designed signed made from your specific selections. Therefore, you can confirm if the sign looks the way you wish before you purchase it, or it gives you an opportunity to change any of the features and redesign. I really liked this feature because it meant I could play with all the different fonts and font sizes before making my final decision.

On clicking to proceed on the ‘shopping basket,’ there is a page displaying your sign, the cost involved and all the information for the sign. This is a great way to double check and make sure your happy before paying for the item.

After creating our house sign, I was really looking forward to receiving the Village Green Sign. It was delivered via the courier Hermes which was an extremely quick and efficient delivery method.

Our sign arrived in a bubble wrapped ‘parcel bag.’ It had been carefully packaged up, thus ensuring the product inside was kept safe from any potential damage that it could have sustained in transport.

The sign looks fantastic and is exactly what I wanted! It is made exceptionally well and is of very good quality. Village Green Signs also supplied me with the items (screws etc) required to hang the sign. One thing to mention is that there was a very small amount of assembly, removing the protective film from both the backing plate and the front acrylic faceplate which displays the name and/or number. In my mind, this not only adds further protection during transport but means you can add the final touches yourself, and I could make sure it was perfectly lined up and screw holes made in the brick wall, before I picked up and potentially marked/damaged the sign whilst fixing the sign in place.

Rating: I would rate this company and the product 5/5

RRP: Starting from £20.00 (size and style dependant)

This product can be purchased from Village Green Signs here.

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