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Vileda Windomatic Review

Reviewed by Harriet Grant

The moment I took delivery of this Vileda Windomatic I just wanted to tear open the packaging and get stuck in. I’m not a big fan of cleaning windows at the best of times let’s face it after doing a few windows and my patio door it feels like my arm is going to drop off after scrubbing and scrubbing then buffing trying to get a streak free finish. It can be very tiring.

The Windomatic itself is very attractive it has a pretty sleek design and is just the right size to fit in my cleaning cupboard. With a read of the instructions we popped it on charge and left it for the recommended charging time of 6 hours. The charge then lasts around 20 minutes. Personally I didn’t think this would be long enough but surprising I got all my windows cleaned in my house without running out; to elaborate I have 2 bay windows, 5 normal and a single patio door.

Excitedly I took it off charge and got ready to use it. Firstly you have to scrub your windows with your chosen method/product. I used white vinegar to clean mine. I did find that I had to use more of the white vinegar solution than usual to get use out of the window vacuum but if you use a soapy cloth this won’t be a problem. It’s easy to get to grips with the Windomatic as there’s only one button/switch on the handle which is waterproof it just clicks on and off. I must admit although excited I am pretty sceptical about these things, but I must say the results are good much better than those I get whilst hand cleaning them. I had no residue left behind at all the windows came up sparking using it. The nozzle is flexible too so it just glides wherever you want it to. I did take my time using it but also had a go rushing and the performance is great. It’s not very loud either but loud enough to stop my toddler from wanting to play with it.

I do feel that the Windomatic is missing something, for me that’s the option to scrub the windows as well as a squeegee I think it lets it down as for me having to scrub the windows is part of the hard work. If they added a cloth to the product that would really complete it for me.

There is a container attached that catches all the water, it’s translucent so you can see how grubby the windows where and feel good about the results. It does have a maximum level but I didn’t reach that even with cleaning all the windows in my house so I didn’t have to empty whilst cleaning which was great.

The feature I love about this being a busy mum of 2 clumsy toddlers is that it can get up spillages. This feature has been a life saver already in our house I usually dash for the kitchen roll but now grab this and get it up quicker than ever before I love it.

Rating: 3.5/5

RRP: £40

Available to buy from Vileda here.

3 half Star

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