ttec PowerStones Trio Powerbank Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

Most people today own at least one portable device; mobile phone, tablet, mp3 player, digital camera etc. and all these devices need their batteries charged. You may not want to carry your charger with you or may not have access to a plug socket to plug in the charger. And what if you have two devices that need charging simultaneously? ttec have the answer with their PowerStones Trio – a portable and wireless dual charging station! You can charge your devices on the go (whether that’s two devices or charging one device while the spare battery charges).

The PowerStones Trio consists of two 5,000 mAh mobile powerbank batteries, complete with a charging dock that charges both batteries simultaneously. Each of the Li-ion batteries is 5,000 mAh with an output of 2.1A. Both batteries slot into the charging dock together and charge together (or individually). When slotting the battery into the dock there is a magnetic pull, pulling the battery into the socket. This is great when the kids are using them as it means they can’t damage the charging port by plugging and unplugging them and you always know they are correctly docked in the charging station. The batteries take around 4 hours to fully charge. If you are out and about with the battery but no dock, you can also use the micro USB port to charge them from a normal charging point.

Each PowerStone battery features a Micro USB port and USB output, and features a LED indictor on the front to give you a power indicator for each battery (it is split in to four sections of 25% increments – i.e. one lit LED is 25% or less power remaining.

The PowerStones Trio is surge protected and features automatic cut-off when the batteries are fully charged (LEDs will remain lit while still in charger). The PowerStones Trio Universal Mobile Powerbank is compatible with all mobile phones and many other mobile devices.

Overall, this is a fantastic device. With the kids in our house always running out of battery on their tablets, they can continue to use them while they are being charged without having to find a plug socket. You will get two full charges (or more) of a mobile phone out of one PowerStone (depending on device). The PowerStones are light enough to carry around and makes charging my mobile on the go extremely easy.

The PowerStones and the charging dock look very stylish with the light grey appearance and are quite small and unobtrusive. The charging dock does not come with a power adapter, you just plug in a Micro USB adapter from you phone or other device or use the supplied USB cable and plug it into a laptop. While there are two PowerStones supplied, you will need to buy cables for the devices you want to charge.

If I had to make any improvement it with be maybe supplying the PowerStones with a small carry bag for when not in use and being carried around.

I love these PowerStones. They are small and lightweight and are great for charging on the go or letting the kids still use their tablets while being charged.

For anyone who owns a mobile phone or portable device this set would make an excellent Christmas gift and they even come with a 3-year warranty.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £39.99

For more information visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

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