Tropic Gift of Peace Giftset Review


Reviewed by Cath Joyce

A combination of age, stress, and the everyday juggle of being a busy working Mum is currently playing havoc with my sleep pattern. I go to bed feeling incredibly tired but the minute I lay my head on the pillow my mind seems to go into overdrive and I find myself wide awake and watching the clock go round. I’ve tried all the usual remedies – warm baths, milky drinks and avoiding using electronic devices but nothing seems to help – even the age old counting sheep! Once I do eventually drop off, I invariably wake around 5am and find I can’t get back to sleep again. This lack of sleep is making me not only tired but grumpy too, so I was really pleased to receive the Gift Of Peace Gift Set from Tropic which contains a selection of three aromatherapy products, which have been specially created to help you switch off at the end of the day and enjoy a restful sleep.

The set is beautifully packaged in a white tin (which is shouting out to be reused) and contains the follow products

SO SLEEPY magnesium body buttercream 100ml
SO SLEEPY pillow mist 30ml
SO SLEEPY aromatherapy pulse point oil 10ml with a restorative amethyst roller

When I opened the tin I found a purple card on top of the products giving information about how to use the aromatherapy products, at the top of the card it said the products had been “clinically tested and shown to improve sleep quality by 33%” so I was really hoping that these products would help me nod off and let me have a good night sleep again. Upon opening each of the products my first thought was how amazing they smell, they are infused with a blend of seven premium distilled essential oils – including wild lavender, chamomile and frankincense and I couldn’t wait for bedtime to try them!

It has been easy to incorporate all three products into my bedtime routine and as they smell so nice it is a real treat to use them every evening. After a warm bath I massage the Magnesium Body Buttercream onto my body before rolling the Aromatherapy Pulse Point Oil onto the inside of my wrists and before I get into bed, I spray a couple of sprays of the Pillow Mist onto my pillow.

The Magnesium Body Buttercream is lovely and hydrating and smells incredible. I think the combination of the relaxing fragrance and massaging the cream into my skin has helped me to switch off after a busy day at work and I have been going to bed a lot more relaxed than normal.

Once I’m in bed I find the combination of the scented pillow and the oil on my wrist have really helped me drift off to sleep and after only a couple of nights of using the products I have found I have been dropping off to sleep much quicker and sleeping much better, I am also starting to feel rested when I awake, which is a huge improvement.

I found the lavender fragrance to be just the right strength, I can still smell it on my body through my pyjamas and bedding and the pillow mist and oil on my wrists give me a fragrance boost when I wake in the night which helps me get back to sleep again.

I’m really impressed with these products and van highly recommend them, they not only add a little bit of luxury to my bedtime routine but calm my mind allowing me to have a good night’s sleep again!

Rating:  5/5

RRP £30

This product can be purchased from Tropic here

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