Treasure Island At Pavilion Theatre Glasgow Review


Reviewed by Deborah Mackenzie

It’s the magical season again!  Lights are up, shining brightly; Naughty Elf’s are on the loose; wee one’s excitement levels are sky high and us adults… we just need a break.  So, get all the family off to see Treasure Island Panto and have night filled with laughter, answering back (only time allowed!) and the craziness only a panto can bring.

Treasure Island adventure will take you on a journey with Jim Hawkins (Scott Fletcher) who finds a map in an old chest. But will Jim, his wee brother, Willie (Liam Dolan) and their mammy, Henrietta (Valissa Scott) be able to keep the map hidden and sail to the mysterious island to find the treasure before Long John Silver (Jack Jester) and his two pirate sidekicks, Pucklebum (Grado) and Pilchard (Stephen Purdon) get their hands on it.

This adventure will have you laughing doon and across the watter, clapping, foot tapping to songs cleverly put together as part of the lines and story.  The most stunning sets with costumes to accompany them, is truly stunning to watch.

Eric Potts and Liam Dolan wrote and directed this fantastic panto that brought laughter at word puns, silly rhyming and true to Glasgow the use of typical Weegie banter.  With set/sound/lighting designers, musicians and choreographers complimented each other as it was spectacular both to the eyes and ears.

I must mention the dancers; from the youngest to the oldest they were mesmerising.  The younger group had bright smiling faces, kept in time and did some remarkable summersaults, splits and more.  The dances were varied and even included some break-dancing.  Spectacular!

The audience was attentive, appreciative and cajoled appropriately.  With the children booing and those that even got carried away made the night even more magical and memorable.

Bloopers!  It was hilarious when Long John Silver got his lines muddled at a particular tongue twisting part and could stop himself giggling; the audience joined in giggling making it harder for him to gather himself and continue.

When Willie lost one of his fake legs and they put it on backwards; how amazing they were as they continued as if it was part of the show.

It is these moments which make a show into something spectacular and above the normal.

 Historically The Pavilion Theatre has been opened since 1904; its one of the most beautiful I have been to.  Designed in the French Renaissance style, fine Rococo plasterwork on the circle, balcony and box fronts, mahogany woodwork and stunning marble mosaic floor.

Panto tradition began in the 1930’s, featuring many top names that continues to do so to this day.  Some names that have thrilled audiences over the years as part of this seasonal tradition; Harry Gordon, Jack Anthony and the Krankies.

Don’t delay in getting your tickets to see Treasure Island, where you will be hoarse from shouting out, laughing and giggling all the way through and on the journey home.  But most of all….
Make it your families tradition each year, bringing happiness, joy, laughter and precious memories to be remembers for years to come.

30 November 2023 to Sun 14 January 2024

Rating: 4.5/5

Treasure Island

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