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TOAD Diary Review

Reviewed by Kathryn Harrison

I was recently given the opportunity to order a TOAD diary from I hadn’t heard of this brand before, but as a lover of all kinds of stationary I was excited. I visited the website and was immediately impressed by the level of personalisation available to me. You can chose the style of book, whether a spiral bound diary or a lay flat diary. Next you can chose the colour or design of the cover, there were many many options to choose from meaning there will be a style to suit everyone. In addition to choosing your cover you can customise the inside of the diary too. You can choose the size of your diary, the start day and month and how long you want the diary to run for. Then as if that wasn’t enough you can chose the format and layout of the pages inside, there are 10 categories with multiple options in each so there are enough options for you to find the perfect one for you. Finally you can personalise the front cover of the diary with your initials.

The options I chose for my diary were the lay flat faux leather cover in teal, inside I decided to go for the week and lined notes option. This means that one side I have a week diary page then on the opposite side it is a lined page with space for notes. This suits me perfectly as I have space to note down my appointments and important dates as well as having an area to jot down any to do lists, shopping lists or any other kind of notes. I was tempted to go with another format, the week to view with me plus 3 slots. This would have given me the option to keep note appointments etc. for my husband and children but I decided I preferred having the option to write notes over the extra slots. I chose to have my diary run for 24 months but there were many different lengths you could choose. It was quite easy to select all the options I wanted and process the checkout. My diary options came to £19.96 plus £2.70 postage, this felt like a very reasonable price.

I ordered the diary on Thursday evening and received the product on Monday. I was extremely surprised to receive the diary so quickly especially with the level of customisation. The diary was packaged really well in a cardboard box that was suited to the size of the book. I hate receiving items via post that have excessive packaging but this was perfect as there was only one piece of cardboard that is easily recyclable and because the box wasn’t too large it could be posted through the letter box so no need for anyone to be home to receive the delivery.

When I opened the package I was blown away by the quality of the product. The faux leather cover feels very luxurious and the detailing with my initials gives the diary a very professional feel. The lay flat design works perfectly making it very easy to write in and use the diary. The paper feels thick and of a great quality. I’m extremely impressed with this diary, it feels like a high class item that will serve me well over the next two years. The cost of the diary feels very cheap in comparison to the quality, you could easily expect to pay much more for such a well designed, customised diary. Anyone ordering one of these whether for themselves or a loved one will not be disappointed.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £10.75

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