The Rocky Horror Show At Aylesbury Waterside Theatre Review


Reviewed by Lindsey Wilkins

When I found out I had tickets to see The Rocky Horror Show, I was absolutely thrilled! My daughter is a fan of the film, so it was an amazing opportunity to be able to see why she enjoyed it so much, and to see it live on stage.

As always, Aylesbury Waterside theatre is a pleasure to visit. So easy to find with parking right opposite! It’s surrounded by restaurants and bars, perfect to visit before your show. We were politely welcomed by the staff, and made our way into the foyer. As soon as you walk in, the atmosphere changes! There were people of all ages dressed as their favourite characters from the show.

It was so lovely to see such a close community of Rocky Horror Show fans come together and dress up to watch the show. It’s amazing how a show can let people be expressive and so creative! We had a look at the merch stand, it had so many gorgeous Rocky Horror themed things to buy to remember this night. My daughter bought a tote bag, and she couldn’t have been happier with it!

The exciting story of The Rocky Horror Show is told by a narrator, played by ‘Phillip Franks’, showing at certain parts of the show. His witty comments towards the fans in the audience in response to their dirty remarks had us all crying with laughter! The story begins when a couple named Brad and Janet, played by ‘Richard Meek’ and ‘Hayley Flaherty’, are searching for help after their car breaks down. They find a house nearby, but they were not prepared to find who was inside. They are greeted by human-like aliens from the planet Transylvania, and taken inside to reveal the master of the house; Frank N Furter, played by ‘Stephen Webb’. Frank N Furter is a sexually ambiguous scientist, set on creating the perfect human plaything. Originally from Transylvania, Frank is also an alien like the others that greeted the lost couple. After the creation of a tanned, blonde haired-man named ‘Rocky’, played by ‘Ben Westhead’, Frank N Furter aims to bring out Brad and Janet‘s repressed sexual desires. When Frank is seducing Brad, one of the aliens, named Riff Raff, lets Rocky out of his sight. As they check for his location, the aliens are threatened when they see a Dr Scott, the uncle of Frank’s former lover Eddie, approaching the castle, assuming he is there to expose them to the government as aliens. Instead, he is there to collect Eddie before he is killed after an affair against Frank, but is revealed that Eddie is already dead. The aliens in the house come to a realisation of how bad Frank has been treating them, using them for sex and discarding them for others after. Magenta and her brother Riff Raff both know that they need to kill Frank and return to Transylvania, as the original mission has gone completely off track. They attack the house members, and eventually kill Frank N Furter. Brad and Janet have visibly and mentally changed since being trapped in that house, coming to a realisation of how different they have become in such a short time.

The lighting for this show was incredible, the constant changing colours was so engaging and fit to the over the top cabaret scene on stage.

The atmosphere during the songs was magical, everyone had got up to dance during ‘The Time Warp’. It was so much fun, I’ve never seen an audience enjoy a show so much! Even the super fans of The Rocky Horror Show had brought lights to hold up during the song ‘Over at the Frankenstein Place’.

Each singer sounded incredibly talented. They really added pieces of their characters to the tone and expressions in their voices.

The costumes and makeup were honestly phenomenal. I absolutely loved the drag style of the makeup, matched with the cabaret corsets and knee high stockings that Frank N Furter wears. I had also noticed the way that Brad and Janet’s clothing aesthetic changes throughout the show from an innocent, colourful suit and dress, to a dark, sexy cabaret corset. The juxtaposition between their characters from the start of the show compared to the end is so intriguing to watch.

I would like to add that this show does show a lot of adult themes, so I would recommend to only bring 16 years+ even though it does say 12 years and above.

This production is not to be missed, I can’t recommend it enough.

Rating: I rate this 5 stars!

The show is on from. Monday 3rd July 2023 until Saturday 8th July 2023

Tickets cost from £13.00 subject to a transaction fee of £3.80

For more information or to book tickets please visit The Rocky Horror Show Tickets | Aylesbury Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury | ATG Tickets

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