The Original Factory Shop Elf Pyjamas Review

We have a bit of a Christmas tradition in our house – every Christmas Eve, the kids get new pyjamas, a new book and a Christmas DVD. I have no idea why, but new pyjamas always feel like a real treat and the kids really look forward to getting them so trying to find the right pair has become a bit of a mission every year. The kids had already started asking when they could choose their pyjamas for the year, and my youngest even asked why I couldn’t join in and get a matching pair with them – well, this year, she was in luck, thanks to a fabulous range of family pyjamas from The Original Factory Shop.

They have lots of fun and festive items in their Christmas range, but we all fell in love with their Family Christmas Pyjama range, which is available in both Elf and Santa options, although there are also some onesies which are great for dads and sons, and nighties which are fantastic for mums and daughters. We particularly loved the Elf pyjamas because not only are they completely unisex (they work perfectly well for boys, girls, mums and dads), they are bright, cheerful and most of all great fun – such great fun that we didn’t want to wait for Christmas eve and decided to get our festive groove on somewhat early, in mid-November!

The range has three different versions, all of them featuring the same green, red and white striped bottoms with soft ankle cuffs to keep you warm and toasty. The tops have the same bright colour scheme, an elf’s hat and legs, with each one having its own Elf identity! The kids’ sized pyjamas (2-3yrs to 11-12yrs) are unisex and have the slogan ‘Cheeky Elf’, the men’s (S/M, M/L and L/XXL) identify as ‘Grumpy Elf’, and the ladies’ (8/10 to 20/22) are ‘Busy Elf’. We found the sizing to be absolutely spot on, and the pyjamas were generous enough to be comfortable without being baggy.

They are 100% cotton and incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. I will only buy cotton pyjamas as my eldest has a tendency to overheat at night and needs to wear natural and breathable fabrics. These kept her toasty warm without being overly hot, so she’s delighted with them. The adults’ sizes are a bargain starting at £10 per pair, and the kids’ ones are even better value at just £6 each.

We all loved the novelty of wearing matching pyjamas and especially given the identities that each set of PJs had. The girls were both more than happy with the accuracy of me being the busy elf and their dad being the grumpy elf! They will be wonderful to wear on Christmas Eve too and will make our Christmas morning photographs look fantastic.

As well as the lovely Christmas Elf option, the Santa range also have their own identities: Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and Santa’s Little Helper. We think they are all a great idea and great fun for this Christmas. Whilst these aren’t available to buy online, we think they’re well worth the trip to your nearest The Original Factory Shop, and you can find your nearest store at

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £6

For more information and to find your nearest store visit

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