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The Great British Porridge Company’s Delicious 100% Natural Instant Porridge Review


Reviewed by Michelle

Who can not beat a bowl of hot porridge, yes, even in the summer months.  I have recently been very unwell with bronchitis and was struggling to eat in general, let alone breakfast.  I was tired, achy with flu like symptoms when I was asked to try this out.

Now, first thing is, I had never heard of The Great British Porridge Company, so I was eager to find out more.  The following information was taken from the company’s website.  ‘The Great British Porridge Co was founded in 2017; born from the need for great-tasting, plant-based instant breakfasts that weren’t full of nasties.  Since then (one spoonful at a time) we’ve been upgrading the Nation’s breakfast cupboards.  We’re here to power your day with all-natural, refined sugar-free, great-tasting breakfasts.’  To find out even more, just click on this link,

Guess, what, they appeared on Dragons Den, I must have missed this episode as I love that programme.  So, if the Dragons loved it, I was eager to get cracking on with tasting some of the ranges of porridge and I was not disappointed.

Now, usually I would use milk with my porridge but I did not use it with this brand.  I was intrigued to see and taste what this brand of porridge would be like as they use coconut milk.  Well, let me tell you, no need for milk with this product.  The porridge was sooooo creamy, delicious and a slight sweet taste to it, which I presume is from the coconut milk.  It was delicious just on its own but it is always nice to add some extras.

I love over night oats, and when I tried it I used cold milk as suggested to the oats, added a pinch each of poppy and linseeds with a teaspoon of honey and I left them to soak overnight I the fridge.  So quick and easy to prep and make, ready and waiting or you in the morning and so delicious.

If all that was not enough to get your tastebuds going, just click on the following link to try out some amazing and tasty treats, I mean, who new there was more to porridge oats than just using them for breakfast;  I made the delicious flapjacks and boy oh boy, were there scrummy!

This is great if you are on the go, have early starts and particularly great if you are camping. It really is so quick and easy to prep and have it ready without wasting too much time, time when you can be spending that little extra time before on the go or especially if camping and enjoying your well deserved break / holiday.

What also makes this brand stand out miles from the others is the packaging.  It is very strong and sturdy and the presentation is fantastic.  All the information you need is on it too, from nutritional value, to design and colour(s).

Just add enough hot water to cover the oats, leave for approximately 60 seconds and boom!  It’s ready.

For each of the flavours reviewed below, I have also put the link to provide you with the information on the ingredients, allergens and nutrition.

Blueberry & Banana flavour – 60g pot – £9.99 for 8 pots – OR – £3.99 for a 395g / 13.6oz pouch which gives you 8 servings.  Yum, Yum, Yum, this was absolutely delicious. I could not really taste the banana much but that is good, otherwise it would have been too over powering and too sweet.

8 x Porridge Pots

Classic Chocolate flavour – 60g pot – £9.99 for 8 pots – OR – £3.99 for a 395g / 13.6oz pouch which gives you 8 servings.  Not as chocolaty as I thought it would be which for me, was a shame but I do love chocolate.  I found it was not as sweet as the Blueberry and Banana and did want to sweeten it a little, so I add a tiny amount of natural honey.

8 x Porridge Pots

Caffe Latte flavour – 60g pot – £9.99 for 8 pots – OR – £3.99 for a 395g / 13.6oz pouch which gives you 8 servings
You could definitely taste the coffee, sadly, this one was not for me, I found it quite bitter even though I did add a tiny amount of honey.  For me personally, I prefer my coffee separate to my porridge.

8 x Porridge Pots

Strawberry & Peanut flavour – 385g / 13.6oz (£3.99) – GIVES YOU 8 SERVINGS
WOW, WOW, WOW, This was very tasty and just right from a sweetness perspective.  I even added some of this to the crumble mix I made for a berry crumble and it worked really well.  SCRUMMY YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!  I could eat it now as I write this review LOL.  This was my favourite out of all of them; can you tell!

Single Porridge Pouch

Like a good old fashioned porridge to be able to add your own ingredients?  Well this is the one and this is the one I used to make the flapjacks I mentioned earlier on.  So tasty and so superior to any other brand I have tried.

I love fresh honey; I am lucky enough to have a friend who has a bee hive so it was great to be using that honey with this one and I added some summer fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.  I also added some crushed walnuts.  OMG! It was absolutely delicious.  The combination of honey, fruits, nut and the amazing porridge was out of this world.  Forget all the other brands out there, this one really does beat them all and as they say, you really do get what you pay for!

Oatrageously Original Single Porridge Pouch

I love the quirkiness of each pot as there are hidden messages in each of them, put a smile on my face, it is the little things that make can do that and they have been really well thought of.

*Please bear in mind with the flavours that they are based on my taste buds and will vary from person to person.  I would encourage you to taste any of the flavours, after all, we are not all made to like the same things and the quality is 100% up there as the best porridges I have ever had.  The quality is astounding.

GOOD TO KNOW – Taken from the company’s website
No added sugar
No artificial flavourings
Plant based
High in fibre
Ready in 60 seconds
100% natural
Refer a friend and get 20% discount
FREE Shipping on all orders over £19.00
Resealable bags
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

*Not gluten free

*Some products contain nuts

*In relation to these, I strongly advice you look at the ingredients, nutritional information and allergens advice given for each flavour.  Links have been provided for each flavour for you to check this information,

If all the above was not enough, The Great British Porridge Company offer a loyalty scheme. You can earn points just by making a purchase, leaving a review, liking their Facebook page and following them on Instagram.  500 posts gets you a £5.00 voucher and 1,000 points gets you a £10.00 voucher.  To get all just, just going up to the Loyalty Points scheme which you can do by clicking on the button that says ‘Loyalty Points’ at the bottom of the screen of their website (see link below for this).

The prices vary deepening on if you purchase the pots or pouches of oats.  They are also dependant on if you do a one off purchase of subscribe as the subscription gives you 10% discount.  I have provided the prices for each flavour and a link under each of the of them which will give you more information.  Depending on how much you spend, delivery could be £3.99 or FREE and are all via tracked delivery. 

Please click on the following link for further details on their delivery charges

You can purchase the these flavours and more direct from The Great British Porridge Company by clicking on the following link:-

We all love social media and what with most of us on it now-a-days, I was really pleased to see just how much The Great British Porridge Company has taken to the social media side of things. I have provided the links to all their pages, apps and websites.

Online Queries:-
Tel:- +44 (0) 203 727 3000
Address:- Could not find one

Rating: 5/5

Absolutely love this brand of porridge!  Never will I buy another brand.  Delicious, creamy and gets the tastebuds tingling.

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