The Baby Hamper Company New Mum Letterbox Pamper Hamper Review

Reviewed by Hayley Mclaren

I have eagerly awaited the ‘THE BABY HAMPER COMPANY New Mum Letterbox Pamper Hamper’ to be delivered and it has certainly not disappointed. The hamper is designed to be given as a gift to a new mum and is full of thoughtful treats. The packaging is specifically sized to fit through a letterbox and so can be delivered easily without even having to get up to answer the door – which can in itself feel impossible with a newborn! The hamper contains a scented candle, a hand cream, a massage oil suitable for mum and baby and a small box of chocolates; these gifts are encased within a darling little drawstring bag labelled ‘treats for mum’. 

The product arrived packaged in a plastic bag, the cardboard ‘letterbox tray’ was inside. This I would assume was to protect the box during delivery from water. My initial love for this product came with the plastic bag! As many of us are becoming more eco conscious we are trying to cut down on unnecessary packaging – and I was delighted to see printed on this bag information stating not only was it biodegradable but that it had been manufactured with an extra glue strip meaning the bag could be easily reused for posting another item. Within the bag the thoughtful packaging continued, the box was a classy shiny black card, sealed with a sticker. The contents were wrapped in tissue paper – and on the top was a personalised card addressed to me by name expressing their wish that I enjoy the box. Little touches like this really add a quality feel and an element of luxury. Within the tissue paper there was a lovely drawstring bag which contained the products and as another bonus there was a sheet suggesting that the box could be reused to create a sensory box for your baby with instructions on what you could include, the benefits of certain items and the age your baby should be to okay with them. I was hugely impressed at not only the level of thoughtfulness but the clear environmentally commitment to be responsible about reusing packaging. 

As soon as the box was open, I could smell a scent that I associate with spas! I wasn’t sure if it was coming from the candle or the hand cream at first, but I think it was a delicious mix of both! It certainly enticed me to dig in. 

The lavender and geranium hand cream is in a metal tube and contains 100ml of product, the scent is soothing and the texture is thick and creamy whilst rubbing in easily to the skin and not leaving the hands feeling greasy. This is really important to me as when handling a newborn I don’t want slippery hands and don’t always have a lot of time to allow the cream to sink in. The scent lingers on the skin after use and made my hands noticeably softer, which was a godsend as frequent hand washing that comes with a newborn can be really drying for your skin. 

The massage oil is safe for both mums and babies, the bottle is glass and contains 30ml of ‘belly better organic tummy oil’ the description states it’s a fine blend of organic oils with the calming soothing and relieving properties of organic neroli and lavender to help alleviate tummy aches. The bottle has a built-in dropper dispenser to stop too much coming out at once and there are clear instructions on how to use this product on babies to help alleviate tummy discomfort. All of my children have enjoyed baby massage from a young age, and I think this would be a lovely oil to use. I have tried it on my own skin and found it soothing and with a lovely texture allowing the hands to glide over the skin as it gradually absorbs. I have very sensitive skin and had no reaction. But as always with newborns it’s a good idea to wait until they are at least 6 weeks before using any products on their skin and testing in a small area in case of reaction before beginning regular use. 

The candle came in a medium sized tin, and is made of natural soy wax. There was no information I could find about the scent of the candle but it had a lovely scent that I would associate with a spa, very subtle and clean but ever so soothing. A candle makes a lovely gift for a new mum as it’s easy to enjoy at any time and helps you to instantly relax. 

The final item was the chocolates. There were 6 raspberry champagne truffles included and these were gorgeous. They were delicious and I didn’t feel at all guilty not sharing them! The truffles were where chocolate which works really well with the raspberry flavour and were decadent enough that they felt like a real treat. 

Overall this pamper box scores top marks from me on every front. The packaging was thoughtful and responsible, and the items inside were all ideal for a new mum. I love that it can fit through a letterbox meaning if you’ve just sat down to feed you don’t have to get up and if baby is sleeping the postman doesn’t have to ring the bell! This would be an incredibly thoughtful new baby gift, or Mother’s Day gift for any mum to a young baby. These items can be enjoyed by busy mums needing a bit of pamper time for themselves and their little one and it makes an indulgent and luxurious gift! 

Rating: 5/5 

RRP: £30

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