Targus Groove X2 Compact Backpack Review

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

Until now I have tended to go for functional over stylish when it comes to having a backpack to carry my laptop in. I was delighted to receive a Targus Groove X2 Compact Backpack to review because this stunning backpack offers so much more than just practical. It is a visual delight. It arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The material it is manufactured from is clearly of excellent quality and I can see this backpack lasting me a good few years. I absolutely love the dark coral colour. If that wouldn’t be your choice, the backpack is also available in navy and charcoal. It is designed for Macbooks and laptops up to 15”.

As a law student and someone who runs her own business, this backpack is ideal for both study and work use. I do a lot of travelling and do worry about keeping my laptop in pristine condition. I can also tend to be very clumsy. I was therefore delighted to find that this backpack has a tech-friendly laptop cradle which offers Targus sling protection. Basically, it suspends your laptop inside it and this then protects the laptop from drop damage.

I think that the way the storage has been designed is really clever. The backpack has a smaller front zipped compartment and a larger back one. Within the larger back one there are so many compartments available which can store your possessions such as mouse, mobile internet dongle, phone charger etc. The zips are easy to use. The backpack comes with a Targus lifetime warranty, making its price exceptionally good value. I have had cheaper backpacks and bags which quickly rip or fray. I would much rather spend more money in something which will last.

I have had backpacks in the past which do not feel comfortable when on my back. This one is absolute bliss to wear. The straps can be adjusted to achieve the perfect fit. My mum commented how gorgeous the backpack is. I think I may lose it to her.

If you have a partner who likes practical but stylish gifts, then I think this would make a wonderful Valentine’s Day Gift for them. With an RRP of just £41.99, it is a good price too. Alternatively, maybe you could buy one for your mum as a Mother’s Day treat. My mum is certainly a fan of mine. 

The backpack also came with a spy guard device which covers up the webcam on your laptop.  As someone who is particularly privacy conscious, I really like this device. My webcam does actually have an integrated device to cover up the cam when it is not in use but this handy little device would be perfect for those laptops which do not have this capacity. 

I also received a Targus CLEANVU tm SIGN cleaning pad for iPad and touchscreen tablets. This is an absolute godsend. 

I recommend this product as well as Targus as a company to others. If I could score this backpack more than 5/5 I would. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £41.99

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