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Super Sparrow Water Bottle Review


Reviewed by Charlotte Gatehouse

My husband has been in need of a new water bottle, his has seen better days to say the least, dented and peeling, it quite frankly looks a health hazard.  So when the opportunity came up to review a Super Sparrow bottle I leapt at the chance.

The wide range of options and colours available on the website are vast. I was offered to try one of the To-Go series these come in 5 different sizes from 350ml to 1 litre, I chose a generous 750ml as my husband doesn’t always get the chance to refill throughout the day.  Choosing a colour was much trickier with 20 different options to consider, there were so many lovely ones, but after much deliberation I opted for dark green which was a great choice and looked very stylish and expensive.

The bottle arrived packaged in a box which makes it ideal for gifting.  It comes with 2 lid options which includes a straw cap set and a bamboo cap, it’s great to have options.

As for the items other qualities it is heat resistant and will keep cold liquid cool for up to 24 hours, I haven’t tested it for the full 24h but after 8h the cold drink was still chilled and ice was still present.  Hot drinks can stay warm for 12 hours.

Because the bottle is made from stainless steel it means it is BPA free that is present in so many plastic bottles and can be potentially harmful to health.  It also means water will stay tasting of water with no peculiar after taste.

The bottle is entirely dishwasher safe and the coating remains intact, I was a bit nervous about this as this is where we have found problems with previous bottles peeling and fading, but not an issue with this.

Now this may not be the most romantic of gifts for Valentine’s Day but I know it will go down a storm with my husband, that is of course unless I decide to keep it for myself.  Generally speaking I’d much rather gift a useful practical item than more tat that’s destined for landfill.

The To-Go bottles range in price from £15.87-£23.80 depending on size, my 750ml is £20.63 which is in line with other comparable bottles available on the market and I think completely reasonable for a high quality re-usable product that has the potential last a lifetime.  I would highly recommend these for anyone looking to replace or upgrade what they are currently using.  It’s about time plastic bottles were a thing of the past given that there are great sustainable options like this around.

Super Sparrow have some lovely options on the website you could really personalise the whole family’s water bottles.  I am really impressed with the design.

The bottles are easily available from the website which is currently offering 10% off to new customers but is also readily available on amazon.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £20.63

This item is available to purchase from Super Sparrow here.

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