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Stuart Michael – The Psychic Medium. The Poole Lighthouse Theatre Review


Reviewed by Mel S-W

Wow, the amount of shows coming to the lighthouse at the moment!  The Poole Lighthouse is such a modern, friendly and compact theatre that it’s great having it on the doorstep.  We had a short drive over from Bournemouth and parked in one of the numerous car parks around the Poole Lighthouse.  We were greeted by friendly and helpful staff, were able to collect our tickets with ease from the box office.  The theatre was busier tonight with both Stuart Michael in the concert hall and another production in the Theatre, but it didn’t seem overwhelming.

The Poole Lighthouse has 3 different theatre areas.  The Concert Hall is one of the only stages that I’ve not seen events in (I didn’t even know it existed and can’t actually work out how they fitted so many stages in what seems a small theatre!)  The concert hall seats around 1400 so double that of the theatre.  The setting was ideal for this show as although the theatre wasn’t full, the aisles made it easier for Stuart and his helpful microphone handling assistants to move around.

I have been to evenings of clairvoyance before but only in smaller environments, I have never been to anything on this scale.  I wasn’t sure what to expect really but I was pleasantly surprised and would definitely go again.  The staging was simple – as the night was about messages and interpretation – with black staging, a TV screen and some lights.  Stuart entered the stage.  Stuart had big energy on the stage.  He was so friendly, open and was of those people who you’d like to be friends with.  He set out what would happen over the course of the evening.

Recently performing in the West End, Stuart visits The Lighthouse as part of his extensive UK tour.  The night start with two empowering songs together with bright lights and smoke and Stuart Michael joined the stage to a rapturous round of applause. He gave a great introduction into himself and what he does. He has had his gift from a very young age and was a Psychic Medium who had worked with a number of celebrities. His skills including being a psychic so the ability to see the past, present and future and with his mediumship talent, he was able to communicate with those who passed.

As part of his introduction Stuart asked who had seen him before, unfortunately no one had but he was hilarious in his response and had the audience laughing away.  The energy was heightened by his humour and delivery of jokes.

Stuart’s demonstration of mediumship were so spot on and impressive.  He was able to approach certain audience members directly with messages and was so accurate with his details.  He delivered messages that were uplifting and provided comfort.  On some occasions there were very sensitive messages that came through for members of the audience.  These were delivered with empathy and care.

If anything, I was slightly annoyed by the amount of audience members who left to go to the toilet during the show. Stuart continued, unfazed by the movement, was so professional as he continued to deliver his messages to members of the audience.

There was a 20 minute interval and afterwards Stuart wowed us with his dream interpretations.  A lady shared a dream of running away from someone but she kept falling down a hole.  He was able to interpret this and provide rationale for why this was happening and provided tips on what she could do in her waking life to try to overcome this.  Other dreams included someone murdering two people and then being forced to go to their funeral with a fear they would get caught.  This was interpreted as a frustration of people not listening to what she was saying amongst other interpretations.

One lady had a message from a loved one.  Stuart had already given an initial of K but during the message, had an image of Keith Lemon come through to his minds eye.  The lady’s husband was called Keith and he was able to give details about her husband’s family, the family home and details about her as a person.

I found the show both comforting and amazing given the details that Stuart was able to provide.  He was humorous, friendly, detailed and personable.  I would definitely recommend seeing Stuart Michael at other dates and really hope for his return back to The Lighthouse.

This was a one night only show at The Lighthouse Poole and tickets were priced from £22.  For other shows held at The Lighthouse, you can visit their website at
I would give the show a 5/5 and would definitely recommend it.
Lighthouse Arts and Entertainment, 21 Kingland Road Poole Dorset BH15 1UG

Rating: 5/5

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