Sting in the Tail Gin and Tonic Bathing Gel Review


GTBathingGelSting in the Tail
Gin and Tonic Bathing Gel

Reviewed by Cathy Porteus

The Gin and Tonic Bathing Gel from Sting in the Tail arrived smelling lovely, even before I had opened it. The scent was initially rather floral when I opened the bottle and sniffed it, but when used in the bath it did smell like a G&T, fairly subtle and suitable for both male and female use. It definitely had the juniper perfume that any gin drinker will know and love.

I was pleased to find that the bathing gel produced a good amount of bubbles when added to the bath whilst running. My husband has been complaining that bubble baths don’t seem to bubble anymore, so this product was a definite winner with him. The aroma was not as strong as some other premium bath products, this may be either a benefit or disadvantage depending on whether you like stronger scents or not.

The bathing gel is packaged in a heavy glass bottle, which would make it a good joke gift, you could package it in a bottle bag and watch the recipient’s face when they realise it’s not the real McCoy. I thought the black plastic lid looked a little cheap, although the ridges on it made the bottle easy to open, even with slippery hands. The bottle looks smart on the shelf in the bathroom and made a nice change from the gaudy colours of much bubble bath packaging.

Overall I think the Gin and Tonic bathing gel would make a good present for any G&T loving friend, although is probably too expensive for me to want to buy it for myself. The bottle would also be easily recyclable, as it is made of glass, which is a plus for environmentalists. It is quite heavy so might not be ideal to post, although my bottle was posted to me and reached me in perfect condition, when parcelled up in bubble wrap.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £7.95

Available to buy from Handpicked Collections here.

4 Star

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