Starchild Shoes Review

Starchild Shoes

Reviewed by Anne Jagger

I have 13 month old twins so requested these shoes in a child's medium 6-12 months! According to the website these are size 2-3 and as one twin is a 2.5 and the other a 3, I thought this size would be perfect for them both to trial!  When they arrived, they were in a lovely clear bag and I could easily see the product! I chose sailboat in navy and the colours were really vivid! 

I tried them on my little twin and he seemed to love them! He had no problems crawling around in them, although they did start to look a bit worn straight away! He usually plays with the Velcro on his shoes so as there wasn't any Velcro, he happily kept them on all day! My bigger twin wore them and again seemed to love them and had no problems getting around! The sizes are generous so there is growing room even for him! With his normal shoes, over the day his socks end up falling down, but they didn't with these shoes! 

My only negatives would be that the back seems a little high and it got wrinkled down and they looked worn fairly quickly! However saying that, they haven't got any worse! These shoes would be great for winter babies as they stay on, keep socks on and would keep little feet warm! The leather was beautiful and soft and smelled lovely! They would make a lovely present for somebody! 

Rating: 4.5/5

Availalble to buy from Starchild here. Other styles availables from newborn to adult.

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