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Star Wars and Disney Pins and Posters Review


Reviewed by Mel Magnan

This week i received a parcel to review, two disney pins and two really really stunning posters .They came in a really sturdy cardboard tube and brown paper packing not only great for the environment but i can recycle them both and they arrived in one piece .The parcel came from Artland which is a social market that connects galleries and buyers but the public can also buy their work they also have a facebook page so take a look at what they have .The Disney pins which are like badges that people collect the first one i had received is a Micky and Minnie one they are sitting in a boat together it is three inches long so a fairly big one so will make a statement where ever it is displayed or even on a land yard if that’s how you like to display them some people collect loads and there is lots to collect and trade.The second one i received is Snow White and one of the dwarfs grumpy in fact ….its a lot smaller but really well made . The backs of the pins are made of plastic in the shape of Micky mouses head and ears so is easy to grip to pull off . Each pin has a disney certificate of authenticity as a backing card so you know its the real deal.I looked on Artland on line and there is a pin for everyone who likes Disney memorabilia from Toy Story to Peter Pan from Aladdin to Winnie the Pooh so lots and lots to choose from .They are fairly expensive to buy it surprised me how much they are to buy but are really well made and very colourful and will last a life time or trade them with other people there is even a site you can do this , they can be brought in Disney shops or brought on line from their web site., and obviously from disney land Florida or Paris. Acme who people must of heard of were the previous company who made the pins but no longer have a licence to do so with disney so now its called Artland and based in London .Disney pin blog was established on the 1st of may 2013 all this information can be found on their website . I also received with the pins two fantastic great quality posters first the frozen one which would delight any young girl or boy or older lady ! Who is a frozen fan and there are lot of people who are does need to be framed which would keep it great condition and look great in any girls or boys bedroom , its very simple but nevertheless very effective . The artist is Micheal De Pippo and you can see his other work on line . The other poster is a Star Wars one , we are great Star Wars fans as a whole family, my son even named one of his sons our grandson Kylo after Kylo Ren so it just shows you how much he likes Star Wars . The poster i received is outstanding and the artist is Jason Christman and called New Hope again a simple but effective poster which is number nine out of two hundred made so its extra special and also comes with a certificate of authenticity and will look fantastic once its in a frame it measures 15” by 20” i really like the way the light sabre stands out in the white cant wait to see it on the wall ..

Rating: 5/5

RRP:  Various

These items can be purchased from the disney shop here

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