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Splash About Happy Nappy Review


Reviewed by Michelle

I’ve been taking my son swimming since he was a few months old and mostly hoping for the best with poo containment in disposable nappies as he needed to do some growing to fit his reusable swim nappies.  Splash About state their Happy Nappy is the original reusable neoprene swim nappy and is approved by 90% of swim schools. Certainly some of the swim schools I enquired with prior to starting his lessons said that a double nappy system would be required with a Happy Nappy specified as the second layer.

Splash About Happy Nappies come in a variety of lovely prints and colours.  We have the sunny bear print which is one of my favourites.  It’s a lovely shade of green with bears, birds, llamas, flowers, leaves and suns printed on it.  The packaging states they have specialist ribbed fabric around the legs and waist which grips securely and comfortably against baby’s skin.  The back is shaped and cups babies bottom and the gusset stays in place no matter how much baby kicks and moves in the pool, making leaks less likely.  We haven’t yet gotten to test how leak proof it is as he didn’t poo until we were dressed and home again but the fit definitely seemed more secure than any other swim nappies I have used.

The nappy comes in three sizes for under ones and four sizes that fit toddlers up to five years old.  As my baby is small for his age and is just beginning to fit into age 6-9 month clothes we got a size large which fits an average baby from 6-12 months.  The Happy Nappy fits over either a disposable swim nappy or another reusable swim wrap.  If using a wrap it is possible to buy disposable liners to use should you wish.  Splash About sell both swim wraps and liners for using under the Happy Nappy.  We tested the Happy Nappy over his disposable swim nappy and his reusable swim wrap and had no problems with it fitting over either.  It was easy to pull up and seemed very comfortable when on.  We did have gaps at the leg cuffs, which can only be because my baby is so small, and he really is at the very bottom of this size range.  I’m sure it won’t take him long to fill it out properly and it should be six months before he outgrows it completely making it good value in my opinion.  The Happy Nappy was easier to get off a wet wriggly baby than other swimsuits I’ve used too.

The neoprene material does feel lovely and soft both straight out of the packet and once in the pool.  Usually I can feel the cold water on my babies swimsuit when he is out of the water and I strip it off him under the shower to stop him being cold.  This wasn’t necessary with the Happy Nappy, it felt quite dry out of the water and rolling it up to wring it out didn’t produce a puddle the way his other swimsuits do.  As he is growing out of those other swimsuits now we will be sticking this Happy Nappy over a swim wrap. The only problem with this is I need to find something warm to cover his upper body too but as Splash About sell baby wraps and wetsuits too this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The packaging says it should be hand washed in cool water and dried away from direct heat.  It shouldn’t be ironed or tumble dried.  It gives a tip that it’s possible to dry it quickly by rolling it up in a dry towel and squeezing until it’s dry.  I didn’t use a dry towel but did roll it up and squeeze to remove water then hung it over a kitchen chair for a couple of hours to be sure it was fully dry before putting it back in our swimming bag.  Had we had any poo containment by the Happy Nappy I’d want to wash it in the machine after initially cleaning it by hand so it could be improved if it was possible to machine wash it.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £12.99

Can be purchased from Splash About directly  The New and Improved Happy Nappy | Splash About 

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