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Spin Master Friends The One With The Apartment Bet Game Review


Like so many people all around the world I grew up watching Friends. I laughed at them, I cried with them and I sided with Rachel over the ‘we were on a break’ fiasco. There was even a time when I had the ‘Rachel’ haircut. I have watched every single episode multiple times. There are some that are particularly memorable such as ‘The One With Ross’s Tan’ in which Ross has a spray tan go wrong or ‘The One Where No One’s Ready’ in which Joey puts on every piece of clothing Chandler owns and ‘The One With Ross’s Wedding’ where Ross says the wrong name at the altar. But above all the episode which always sticks out in my mind when I think of Friends is ‘The One With The Embryos’. To refresh your memory, in this episode Rachel and Monica compete against Joey and Chandler to see which pair can answer the most trivia questions correctly about each other with Ross acting as quizmaster. A seemingly harmless game escalates into a high stakes game when the girls bet their apartment. This ultimately leads to Chandler and Joey getting to move into the bigger apartment when neither Monica or Rachel can recall what exactly Chandler’s job is.  

Friends: The One With The Apartment Bet game by Spin Master, which we have been sent to review, is basically based on the game played in this episode. Two teams compete against each other to see who can correctly answer the most Friends trivia questions. 

The board game arrived packaged well. The box is sturdy and easy to open. Inside there is a dry erase game board and a cardboard stand to hold it up, two jumbo dry erase cards with stands plus two dry erase marker pens. There are also two hundred and fifty question cards, a sand timer and instruction leaflet. Each game piece is well made and all the pieces fit perfectly into the box when it’s put away. The instructions are clear, simple and easy to follow so after a quick read through we were ready to play. 

The One With The Apartment Bet game is aimed at 14+ years. It is designed to be played by two teams from 2 – 6 players but I would say there’s no limit on the number of players you could have on each team so this is definitely a great one to get out no matter how many friends of your own you have round. It also equally works just as well with only two players, one vs one, which is how my husband and I played. Although he hasn’t watched Friends on repeat quite as much as I have, we are both very competitive and set our own wager as loser had to wash up from dinner so we were both determined to win. 

The main game board stands up on a cardboard stand. The dry erase marker can be used to write your team name and the wager. Just like in the Friends episode the questions are in four categories – Pet Peeves, Ancient History, Literature and It’s All Relative. Each team takes it in turn to ask the other team a question until sixteen in total have been asked, with two hundred and fifty cards in total we could definitely play this game frequently without the same questions coming up on repeat. If your team answers correctly you mark a point on your team card. After the sixteen questions have been asked it’s time for the lightening round. This is when the sand timer is used, you must answer as many questions correctly as possible before the timer runs out. At the end of this round the team with the most points wins. 

We actually found a lot of the questions quite hard to answer so this is definitely for Friends super fans! We had great fun trying to answer and remembering some of our favourite moments from over the ten seasons. This game is very high quality especially for the price. It’s a great game that will get the family laughing together. And in case you are wondering, I got a night off from washing up! 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.99

This product is available to purchase from Smyths Toys here.

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