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SO Bomb DIY by Canal Toys Review


Reviewed by Deb Mackenzie

After a long tiring day there is nothing better than a hot scented bath to relax and unwind. Continually purchasing bath bombs becomes costly and when the children find your stash they vanish quickly. Canal Toys have the answer!
SO Bomb DIY comes in a very attractive packaging that excites you to open it immediately. It shows most of the items included in the kit on the box.
The kit included:
• 1 x Instruction sheet (multi-languages)
• 1 x Bowl
• 1 x wooden spoon
• 2 x twist it up moulds
• 3 x fragrances
• 5 x packets Baking Soda
• 5 x Citric Acid packets
• 3 x Crystals to decorate
• 1 x Aroma Guide
Following the instructions I put one bag of the lilac soda into the small bowl and with the wooden spoon gently mixed it until all the lumps were removed.

I chose the lavender scent and added the ten drops as instructed; the scent was not noticeable and wondered if I should have added more but continued according to the instructions. Adding the scent is fiddly as the bottles are tiny. So would advise an adult to help younger children.

Before adding the citric acid, I squeezed the bag and tried to break up the lumps. Once added to the bowl to mix with the baking soda there were still some lumps. Unfortunately, the bowl was fairly full and made mixing difficult and more so to crush the lumps. It did get a bit messy!

The amount of mixture was enough to make two bombs. Using the spoon filling the little containers up to the line on the side – again a bit messy, but this was sorted by getting a different spoon to transfer the mixture over. I noticed there were still white lumps in my mixture but know that this wouldn’t affect the bomb.

Putting the twist lock lid that has a tap like screw function that compresses the mixture into the bomb shape as mentioned before this mixture make two bombs, so I used both containers to make one round and one heart shaped bomb. The screw function is easy to turn and great for little hands.

Having to leave the bomb to set inside the containers for 45 minutes made me a bit impatient as I wanted to see them immediately.

Opening the container to remove the bomb is easy; remove the screw lid after turning it up away from the bomb. There is little pink slide on clips that can be removed that opens the containers fully.

I loved that there was everything in this kit to make bath bombs and that you could make two with each mixture. Also, it is something that can be used repeatedly, even after the supplied mixes are used.

What I didn’t like was that the bowl was too small for the amount of mixture making it messy and difficult to break up the lumps that have formed in the bags supplied.

I would like to be able to purchase top up kits of the mixtures and different scents to make more bombs. Also, there is no skin moisturizing product included in these bombs which would be easy to include using either coconut oil or shea butter.

Overall, this kit is fantastic and could be used in numerous different ways:
• Parent and child bonding time
• Teaching aid about the science of how the different ingredients
• Small group party setting

So Bomb DIY Aroma Twist’N Mould Bath Bomb Maker | Smyths Toys UK

RRP £9.99

Rating: 4/5

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