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So Bomb DIY Bath Bomb Light Up 2 Pack Review


Reviewed by DT (note – initials used for reasons of my childrens’ privacy)

One of my twin sons in particular loves activities where you make something such as baking or science experiments.  I therefore had a feeling even before the So Bomb DIY Bath Bomb Light Up 2 Packs (we were lucky enough to receive two) arrived that they would be a big hit with him.  I wasn’t wrong.  The product was actually a big hit with both of my twins.  I did the review as part of an article I am writing about twin sons’ 9th birthday and I have to say that I think this was one of their favourite birthday gifts.  The product arrived quickly and very well packaged.  This meant that it arrived in perfect condition.   The box itself looked appealing to both my sons and myself.  I think I can safely say that all three of us couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

We sat at the dining room table and got out a jug of water.  T and I quickly figured out the instructions because they were clear and easy to follow.   The product itself is suitable for children aged 6+ and under adult supervision.  The packaging contained an LED light which lights up when it comes into contact with water, 2 moulds, a dropper, various sachets of various colours.

We had great fun using the dropper to add water to the powder.  The best fun was had using our hands to add the mixture we made into the moulds.  We hid the LED light inside one of the moulds.  In one pack we got a heart LED and in the other pack a cube one.  I was glad to see that the required 3 x LR21 batteries were already included.  Can I confess now that I had great fun dropping the LED lights in water and watching them light up. 

It wasn’t long at all before we were trying these out in water.   My twins were so keen to try it out that they didn’t actually make it into the bath.  That said, I did set aside the other one we received and so hopefully the other light up bath bombs once made will make it into the bath in future.

We had so much fun watching the bath bombs fizz and waiting with anticipation to see what colour the water ended up. The LED lights look really pretty when put in water. The colours of pink, blue and white looked really vibrant and worked well together. It’s great that even when the bath bombs themselves are used up you have an LED light from each pack to keep.

I was amazed to see that this product has an RRP of just £4.99. You can make 2 bath bombs for that price.  This, for me, represents excellent value for money. My sons were both so engaged with this activity. I think it helps with motor skills and I love the creativity it brings out in my sons.

This product made a perfect birthday gift.  I think that it would also make a great ‘Just Because’ gift for a child in your life or a Christmas Gift. The pack itself is small enough that it could be wrapped and popped into a child’s stocking this Christmas. I would recommend So Bomb to others as I was impressed with the quality of this product.  I hope to be able to try out more of the So Bomb and So Sand products in the future.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £4.99

This product can be purchased from Smyths here.

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