SKIPPY® Peanut Butter: Dip It. Own It!


One of life’s pleasures is dipping our favourite snacks into creamy peanut butter and you don’t get much creamier than smooth and delicious SKIPPY® Peanut Butter. There’s so many different snacks which complement peanut butter perfectly, but what’s your favourite?

Here’s our top ten favourite dippable in peanut butter products:

  1. apple slices
  2. mini rolls
  3. pretzels
  4. bananas
  5. spoons
  6. chocolate
  7. breadsticks
  8. marshmallows
  9. strawberries

SKIPPY® Peanut Butter can also be added to other ingredients to make a delicious dip with a peanutty twist. Perfect for parties, BBQs or a night in with friends –  SKIPPY® Brand certainly puts the fun back into peanut butter!

Why not give one of this moreish dip a go or make these colourful peanut butter spoons for a melt-in-the-mouth sweet sensation:

Fluffy SKIPPY® Dip  

Serves 6

1 x 340g jar SKIPPY® Peanut Butter Extra Smooth
225g cream cheese, softened
200g melted marshmallows

In a medium bowl, blend together SKIPPY® Peanut Butter and cream cheese; blend in melted marshmallows. Dip your favourite snack into the fluffy dip and enjoy. Alternatively, you can also use to ice a cake or cupcakes

SKIPPY® Peanut Butter Chocolate Dipped Spoons

1 x 340g jar SKIPPY® Peanut Butter Extra Smooth
Chocolate chips
Assorted sprinkles of choice: finely chopped peanuts, finely shredded coconut, granola, hundreds and thousands

1. Scoop SKIPPY® Peanut Butter on to spoons
2. Place on parchment paper-lined pan and freeze 30 minutes.
3. Melt chocolate chips
4. Dip frozen peanut butter spoons into melted chocolate
5. Garnish with toppings and return to freezer for 10 minutes
6. Remove and treat friends and family

SKIPPY® Peanut Butter (RRP £2.40 per 340g jar) is available in Smooth and Extra Crunchy varieties, which are currently available in major supermarkets including Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Costco and Ocado. SKIPPY® Peanut Butter Choc Chip Swirl is available from Morrisons and Ocado.

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