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Skay Navarre ‘Bride To be’ Mug Review


Reviewed by Hilz

Happily the mug arrived very well packaged indeed – in a very strong square cardboard box with a cardboard mug cut out insert for extra stability and protection. This left no chance whatsoever of breakage however much throwing around any post office employees, conveyor belts or delivery drivers might do – excellent. It was despatched promptly and was Royal Mail ‘Tracked 48’ with signature. I really like mugs, and am a bit of a collector. I particularly like larger mugs with an open shape towards the rim as I find them especially pleasant to hold and to drink from -but this of course is personal preference only. This mug seems to be a rather standard average capacity white basic shaped one. It is very glossy however and the lettering is a little bit like writing on blotting paper – if anyone still remembers that? – where it goes a little fuzzy around the edges in a very pleasant way – rather artistic and there is a lovely little heart in the middle symbolising the love between the happy couple.

There is only one image on the mug though which appears on the side opposite the handle. This is unusual – again, personally I prefer it when the image is duplicated so the person drinking the drink can see the image while they are drinking and the person sitting opposite them can also see the image – but maybe other people feel differently. There is no wording on the base of the mug but the product details on the website state that it is dishwasher and microwave safe – always more useful than those mugs that aren’t! The mug itself does appear very strong so I think it will last for years. Although the glaze is obviously very high quality I did think that the price at £12 was considerable comparatively. I would have thought that most mugs like this would retail more at the £5 mark perhaps, although this is from a designer which understandably increases the value and cost.

The company which produce the mug are called Skay Navarre.

They describe themselves as ‘the number one place for all things LGBTQ’. Skay is a creator and designer specialising in products for the LGBTQ community. She loves to make things that are unique and make people feel happy and included. The range of mugs is varied. Returns are accepted within 28 days and a full refund will be offered if the item is in its original condition with tags et cetera. Delivery is to almost anywhere worldwide. This item is suitable for any bride and I will be giving it to my goddaughter who is getting married next year – I’m sure she will like it!

There are plenty of products on the market at the moment to celebrate upcoming weddings plus many products produced specifically for hen nights and this of course could be one of them. It can also be a gift for any occasion including Christmas, birthdays, ‘just because’ and engagements.

Rating: 3.5/5  stars

RRP: £12.00

This product can be purchased from Skay Navarre here.

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