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Sewing Gift Packages – The Fold Line Review


Reviewed by Jane

I have not sewn for ages so I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to start again as well as use this opportunity to review this item. The company “The Fold Line” have sewing gift packages and you can choose between the following :-
• Lahja Unisex Dressing Gown by designer Named
• Stevie Tunic by designer Tilly and Buttons
• Bakerloo Blouse and dress by designer Nina Lee
• Ogden Cami by designer True Bias
• Kielo Wrap dress and jumpsuit by designer Named
• Wilder Gown by designer Friday Pattern Company
• Toaster Sweaters by designer Sew House Seven

On the company’s website, there is a description of what each pattern is together with a photograph. You are also given the sizes of the pattern and they go from being quite small to large sizes. I was impressed by the range to choose from.

Having read the information on all the patterns and looked at the photographs, I decided to go for the Toaster sweaters as I can wear it as soon as I make it as it states that it is suitable for the cooler months. The other deciding factor was that the sweaters are simple to sew and suitable for all levels which suited me down to the ground.
I was intrigued by the names of the designers as I thought who would be called True Bias or Named so I did what most people do; I googled them. I found that True Bias is in fact designer Kelli Ward and Friday Pattern Company is in fact a company. I could not find anything about “Named” to my disappointment, but I was delighted to find that the designer for the pattern I have chosen to review is Peggy Mead and it is worth reading her blog as it makes an interesting read.

Okay, so to my sewing gift package. It came in a brown cardboard envelope and on opening this, there was a black paper A4 size envelope with the words (in white lettering), “Let us take you on a sewing adventure…..” That whetted my appetite so I opened the envelope and found the Toaster sweater pattern, Toaster sweaters instruction booklet for the two different styles sweaters, a postcard with the words “Shall we get this sew on the road?” and stuck to the other side of this envelope is a small black woven label saying “I made this…. With a scissors symbol. This is supposed to be exclusive, but I have seen labels like this before. There was also a £20 gift voucher code which initially I thought you could use to buy fabric for the pattern but unfortunately not. The voucher is for more patterns, and these are not cheap.

Any way I now needed to read the instruction booklet to see what I required including how much fabric. I decided on sweater number two pattern as this looked slightly easier, but I immediately confused myself with the 20% stretch. Thankfully the amount of material needed was stated on the back of the pattern, so I just went along with this. I then had to buy matching thread. It is lovely to have a sewing pattern to do but I would take a dim view if one of my friends or family bought me this sewing package gift knowing I would have to buy the fabric and thread as fabric is expensive nowadays unless I had been wanting this particular pattern! I had looked at patterns fairly recently and a well known store that deals in hobbies is currently selling their patterns for £4 so £40 for this is far too much.

The instruction booklet is the saving grace of this sewing gift package. It provides a glossary of the terms used in a straightforward manner. I found some of these amusing such as “Crack stitch”. This is not as bad as you would think but it can also be called “stitch in a ditch”; okay it still sounds bad but it basically means stitching directly on a seam or in the crease of the seam so the stitching does not show. I now understand why sewing groups are always laughing! From the glossary, the booklet informs you of the preparations required which I had never thought of before but point number one makes excellent sense. This point is referring to washing the fabric before cutting out as fabrics do shrink a little and this also makes the fabric stiffer so it is easier to work with. Why had my mother never told me this? Next point are the tools required. I had all the basic list but when it came to optional tools then I just hope these are not too important as I do not have them. The preparations look straightforward and instructions on what to do when you have your pattern pieces seems again straightforward. However, I still cannot get my head around allowing for the 20% stretch so I look forward to seeing how this works. I found more information of the fabric I could use on the Sew House Seven website which recommended the following :-Mid-weight stretch fabrics with at least 20% stretch such as wool jersey, knit boiled wool, ponte, stretch woven wool, some sweatshirt fleeces, heavier jersey knits.

My fabric (a wool jersey), has been given a gentle wash and is now drying and then will need to be ironed before the pattern is placed on it. I am afraid I am going to leave you there but nevertheless I should soon hopefully have a toaster sweater.

The idea of a sewing gift package is great, but this package is like getting a needle felted kit without the wool.
If you know someone who has loads of fabric or you are happy to give a voucher for fabric in addition to this sewing gift package, then it could be an ideal Christmas gift item or birthday gift or just a cheer me up gift.

Rating: 2.5/5 (due to price)

RRP: £40

This product can be purchased from The FoldLine here.

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