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Sealskinz Flitcham Waterproof Fleece Lined Cold Weather Striped Bobble Hat Review


Reviewed by Mrs_Taylor

It is cold and seems to be getting colder every day at the moment.  I have a dog, who I love, but having to go for walks twice a day in the cold and rain is a very different story from going for a walk on a lovely sunny day.  However I do know that clothing and accessories can make all the difference so I was really happy to be able to try a hat that is not only windproof but also looks lovely and is waterproof as well!

Sealskinz is a company with over 30 years experience in making endurance accessories so you know their products are built to last!  They have a huge range of products on their website including socks, gloves and clothing as well as a large selection of hats.  The hat I got to try is the Flitcham waterproof fleece lined cold weather striped bobble hat.

As soon as I took it out of the bag I could tell it was well made and I was also really happy with how it looked – the colours and style was lovely.  There were three different colour patterns to choose from including orange/ grey and navy striped, navy, grey and olive striped as well as the one I chose which is pink, green and grey striped.  I also chose the small to medium hat (you can choose S/M, L/XL or XXL and it fit perfectly snug on my head.  Don’t worry if you are not sure what size you need as there is a handy size guide on the website.  The Flitcham striped bobble hat is constructed in 3 layers – you have an acrylic outer fabric for durability, a waterproof layer and then a micro fleece lining for warmth and moisture control.

That means that however cold or wet it is outside, my head still stays warm and dry!  Since receiving the hat I have been on many walks in both the wind and rain and I am really impressed with how windproof and waterproof it is – even an hour walk in the pouring rain resulted in me ending up back at home with a nice dry head.  The Flitcham hat is £40 which is a lot of money for a hat but it is worth it.  I have tried several bobble hats over the years and normally they look nice and don’t do much or they are good for cold weather but not for rain so it is really lovely to have a hat that does everything!

It can be really hard to buy presents at Christmas but I don’t think you can go wrong with a hat.  Especially not the Flitcham hat as it looks lovely and it really is suitable for cold and wet weather.  But if they already have a lot of hats then there are a lot of other great accessories on the Sealskinz website which would be perfect as gifts!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £40

This product can be purchased here.

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