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Rubik’s Phantom Review


Reviewed by Alice Dixon

I think almost everyone will have at least heard of the Rubik’s cube and most people will have at some point had a play around and tried to solve one. I remember having a go as a child but I never could solve one. Even now I wouldn’t know where to begin. My son, on the other hand, is a whizz at solving the classic 3×3 Rubik’s cube and can now solve one in under two minutes. He still keeps trying to beat his time though!

Whether you are looking for more of a challenge or just want to try something different, the Rubik’s Phantom is a different way of playing.

What makes Rubik’s Phantom different to the classic Rubik’s cube is that all the squares start off black. It is the classic 3×3 cube size with white, red, green, blue, yellow, red and orange squares. But to be able to see the colours you need to touch the cube with your fingers. They are heat sensitive, so the warmth of your fingers will change the black into colour. Once you have revealed you then need to quickly solve the Rubik’s cube before it fades to black again. Ideal play is up to 26 degrees Celsius or 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Any warmer than this, as we found on hot days, and the colours will not fade to black.

Rubik’s Phantom is a really fun twist on a classic. It has given my son a challenge which has provided him a lot of entertainment as he tries to solve the cube before it has completely faded again.

Rubik’s Phantom is from Spin Master Games and is suitable for ages 8 and above. It is a small toy which is ideal as a gift especially as it comes neatly boxed in attractive, minimal cardboard packaging. Priced at £21.99 it is quite expensive for how small the toy is. But for the money you are getting a very high quality game from a trusted brand and it is something that will be long lasting.

Each year at Halloween I enjoy putting together a small gift bag for each of my children. This contains a few sweet treats and toys for them to enjoy. I find this is especially lovely for my older son who has grown out of Trick or Treating so he doesn’t miss out.

The Rubik’s Phantom is an ideal present for Halloween especially as an alternative to unhealthy sweets and chocolates. It is fun, quirky and will bring many hours of entertainment.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £21.99

This product can be purchased from Toys R Us here:

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