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Retreev Smart Tag Review


Reviewed by Louise Edwards

As we settle into the New Year, January can be a downer after the festivities of December, our thoughts often turn to making plans and booking holidays – warmer weather and making memories.

Lost luggage however can spoil holidays and can be a stressful time especially if your bags contain something precious or even essential such as medication.

Retreev Smart Tags may be the perfect answer to putting your mind at ease.  They are suitable for adding to any item – luggage, sports kit, school bag – anything you may need to find at some time.

The smart tags come in a variety of fun designs – ours have a neon flamingo on one and delicious candy coloured macaroons on the other – and are suitable for all ages and tastes.  You are sure to find a favourite.

The tags have a metal fastening which can be twisted to open and close.  I found this quite tricky to open but it was possible and makes the tags reusable on different bags which is good.  They look hard wearing but obviously, you never know with bags getting thrown around by baggage handlers at airports it could be possible to come loose and fall off so a good idea to make sure it is fastened very tightly.

It is very simple to use the tags, which all have their individual code.  Once fixed to the bag you just scan the QR code on the tag and fill in your details – name, email, phone number and also details of the bag.

Your identity is protected as all the information is stored within the tag using NFC and QR technology.  If your belongings go missing and someone finds them they just need to scan the tag and would be able to recover the information needed to let you know via the messaging system.  So you receive an email or text informing you the item has been found.

On the dashboard you can see your tags and manage things from there, recording what has been found, activating or deleting. It is quite simple but that is all it needs to be.

The interface is available in lots of different languages and is also recognised by 3000 airports and 400 airlines, linked to World Tracer Baggage tracing systems, giving extra security.

There is no subscription fee and the tag is covered for life.  There is no battery so the tag doesn’t need charging.  Priced at around £15 these tags are certainly worth the money for peace of mind if things get mislaid or lost.

Although you can’t track your item’s location, as you may be able to do with much more expensive smart tags, for the price they certainly are worthwhile in eliminating unnecessary stress in case your bag gets left behind somewhere or ends up in the wrong place.  It does rely on the honesty and effort of the finder but it is minimal effort and i think most people would want to help someone out.

What a great idea!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £14.99

This product can be purchased from Retreev here.

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