Red Candy Block Medium PegBoard Review


Reviewed by Gemma Ingham

I received the Block Medium PegBoard in light blue from Red Candy to review (available in lots of colour options). Personally I would describe it as more of a light duck egg blue, which is great for me as it fits into my colour scheme perfectly!

The wooden peg board measures 40.6cm wide, 61cm high and comes with 10 large pegs and 5 small pegs, the ends of which are complimentary colours creating a cohesive feel. The board even came with fixings for attaching to the wall so as soon as you pull it out of the packaging it’s ready to hang.

As the name suggests, you stick the pegs into the board in whatever way you desire. I use my board to hold my jewellery that otherwise would never see the light of day stuffed into a box. I find it really easy to forget what I have and tend to just reach for the same pieces day in day out because they’re left laid on my dresser. I really wanted a solution where my necklaces and bracelets would be on display but organized and easy to get to.

The larger pegs are shaped with a knob at the end so they’re perfect for stopping the chains of necklaces slipping off and the pegs are so easy to move around depending on if I need room for a longer chain to hang. The whole board also feels quite strong so I imagine it would be great for holding handbags or hair tools.

Mine is in my bedroom but the boards come in multiple colours and sizes so could be placed anywhere in the house for a stylish storage solution.  A few I considered were the kitchen as a family noticeboard, garage for tools, sewing accessory holder or the hallway for keys.

The quality of the board is good, however the finish is a bit ropey in places. The area around the holes is finished quite roughly but this can’t be seen when a peg is in the hole. The finish also seems to have what looks like paint runs on it but again is not overly noticeable. I can’t say I would be thrilled paying the full RRP of £40 for the item though.

All in all, the pegboard is a stylish way to store bits and bobs throughout the home and a major plus is the array of colours it’s available in.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £40

Available to buy from Red Candy here.

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