Ready Girls for Mums that Wiggle and Giggle Review


Reviewed by Debbie

Ready girls have come up with a brilliant idea for us ladies who need a bit of extra protection sometimes when out and about.

We have all been there haven’t we girls too much laughing (if there could ever be such a thing) a sudden sneeze or a coughing fit when you least expect it and oops!!!

The neon green case looks like a glasses case and nobody would ever know it isn’t just that. It has a zip fastening and discreet purple writing on the front. Inside packed very neatly are 2 incontinence pads, 2 feminine wipes, 2 disposable bags and a pair of paper panties. I was a bit worried if the panties would fit me as well let’s just say since I hit my late forties I am not as svelte as I used to be (that is a bit of a fib as I never been svelte!). I needn’t of worried they are a good size and stretch so I would say fit all sizes.

The idea Ready Girls has come up with in the essential pack for mums who giggle and wiggle is superb. Everyone should pop one in their handbag for emergencies. I think I am right in saying you can’t buy refills, I am hoping this is the next stage for the Ready Girls company as I would most certainly order them.

I love the whole concept of this product and they do other packs for us ladies/girls young and old that look fab too.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6.99


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