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Reviewed by Nia Lock

I was familiar with the Ramer brand, having received my first Ramer sponge from Father Christmas at least 30 years ago, but I did not know that their range of sponges was so extensive.  The range covers everything from make-up removing sponges to plump natural sponge replacements.  My family tried out some of the Ramer range this week and had a huge amount of squishy spongey fun in doing so. 

All the Ramer products we tried were packaged damp to keep them soft and squashy.  The Ultra soft baby sponges come in a pack of two and are the perfect size for washing a baby yourself as well as being just right for a toddler to use themselves in the bath.  The baby sponges are extra soft and do a great job of wiping messy hands and faces without complaints.  They dry hard which reduces bacteria growth between washes and the children absolutely love putting them in the bath and making them soft again.  There are three colourways to choose from.

The super soft body sponge is like a grown up version of the baby sponge, mine is a lovely deep green and it’s a really good size to hold comfortably in your hand without dropping it all the time as even full of water it’s not too heavy.  This sponge is so soft, I think it’s perfect for use in the bath.  I also have a large version of this sponge in a gorgeous teal colour, I really enjoy the vibrancy of the colours every time I use the sponges, and each one is available in several colours.

The cleansing shammy for sensitive skin is more of a cloth than a sponge and is available in several colours.  I’ve found it brilliant for face washing and also for removing face masks, it definitely feels very luxurious and does a really good job of leaving your skin squeaky clean.  You could use the shammy to remove eye make-up as well, although the new Ramer cleansing facial sponges which come in a pack of two are just the right size for eyes and are very gentle on your skin as well as being very efficient due to their open textured surface.

The ultimate bathtime luxury can be experienced by using the drench luxury sponge.  This extra thick natural looking sponge is designed as an alternative to using natural sea sponges.  It looks similar to a natural sponge and holds lots of water, perfect for squeezing over your head.

The performance sports towel is quite unlike anything else I’ve tried before.  It lives in a hard plastic tube which has a loop on top for carrying and is designed to be used damp.  It’s about the size of a car washing cloth and does a surprisingly good job of drying you off.  I can see why people might use one during a workout as it feels pleasantly cool on your skin.  I took mine to dry off after swimming in a river and it was quite effective as well as being easy to carry and so it will become part of my swimming kit.

After trying lots of Ramer sponges this week, I can confidently say I feel rather happily well scrubbed and have thoroughly enjoyed my reintroduction to bathing with Ramer sponges. My absolute favourite sponge is the Invigorating body sponge which is a vibrant orange colour and looks fabulous against my blue tiles.  It’s scrubby enough to remove mud from legs after a run but not so harsh that it makes the grubby children squeal when I use it on them!  There is also a large invigorating body sponge which my husband likes better than my small sponge.  The invigorating body sponges also come in a range of colours and have a light exfoliating effect which is recommended for fake tan preparation.

Ramer have been making sponges in Britain for 75 years.  All the cloths and sponges can be machine washed at 40 degrees which means they’ll last a good long time instead of being thrown away.  At the end of it’s lifetime as a bath sponge Ramer suggest you snip it into small pieces and add it to the soil of pot plants to help retain moisture, I’ll definitely be trying this. You can buy Ramer sponges at Boots, Superdrug, Amazon, supermarkets or direct from Ramer on their website.

Rating: 5/5


Ramer Luxury drench sponge RRP: £5.75

Ramer Invigorating body sponge RRP: £2.99

Ramer large invigorating body sponge RRP: £4.99

Ramer Super soft body sponge RRP: £2.99

Ramer Super soft body sponge large RRP: £4.99

Ramer Ultra soft baby sponges RRP: £2.99

Ramer Cleansing Shammy for sensitive skin RRP: £4.99

Ramer Facial cleansing sponges RRP: £3.25

Ramer Performance sports towel RRP: £6.99

These products can be purchased from the Ramer Sponges website here.

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