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Puma X Modibodi 2 in 1 Active Shorts Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Cross

The Original Period & Leak Proof Underwear | Modibodi UK

I have been a big fan of MODIBODI period underwear since I started using them about a year ago.  I find them great to use as an alternative to other period products, especially overnight when you want to be comfortable.  I am also a keen runner so when the PUMA X MODIBODI Active Shorts arrived, I was excited to give them a try on a run.

The shorts took a while to arrive however once they did, they were in eco-friendly cardboard packaging.  I ordered a size small (10) as this is my usual size for active wear.  I find the shorts a little bigger than expected so I would suggest going down a size compared to your usual.  Despite the shorts being slightly bigger than expected, they were still suitable for wearing on a run.  The shorts are very stretchy around the leg so I still felt very protected with no risk of leaks.  They also have an elasticated waist-band so they didn’t feel like they were going to fall down.  They are very comfortable and I found that they didn’t rub during a longer run.  It did take me a bit of time to get used to wearing them and not relying on a second period product for protection, but when I did wear them for exercising I had no issues with leaks.

The absorbency of these shorts is “medium to heavy” which MODIBODI suggest is the equivalent absorbance of two to three tampons.  This means they have plenty of absorbance for a usual workout and you don’t need to worry about changing part way through.

The shorts feel like they are made from good quality fabric and they consist of tighter shorts underneath with looser shorts over the top.  This means they feel comfortable and protective, whilst allowing me to not be self-conscious.  They are a black colour, with red and green on the edging of the shorts, so they go well with plenty of sports tops.

The shorts have quite a thorough wash and care guide that must be followed to ensure the absorbency technology is looked after.  (This includes washing before the first use!) I was worried that this was quite complicated and the shorts would get accidentally thrown in the wash with everything else, however it is not too confusing once you get used to it. I followed the instructions so they washed well and felt fresh ready for the next use.

The shorts have an RRP of £46.  This isn’t the cheapest but they are made from excellent quality material so they are designed to last a long time.  After the initial investment you will no longer need to buy disposable products, saving you money in the long run.

Overall, I would recommend MODIBODI products as a great alternative product for your period.  The sports shorts are comfortable, a little big, but they offer good protection during a workout.  They are much more comfortable than disposable period products and you are also doing your bit for the environment.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £46

This product can be purchased from MODIBODI here.

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