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PJ Masks: Heroes of the Night PlayStation 4 Game Download Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Boden

I was pleased to be asked to review the PJ Masks: Heroes of the Night PlayStation 4 game download. As Christmas is fast approaching, I am always looking out for last minute game ideas and although I am not particularly tech savvy, I have discovered the convenience of game downloads. I was keen to see how the PJ Masks game would fair against other games I have recently purchased and I was not disappointed.

Once purchased, the game is easily downloaded by entering a 10-digit code into your PlayStation (editor’s note – the reviewer was given a code to download the game for review purposes), select the download option and let the PlayStation do its thing. It took about 15minutes to download, but this will depend on the speed of your WiFi, still much quicker than going to the shop to buy it!

The game is a PEGI 3 years + although may be suited to slightly older children, I would think children of about 5 years of age would find this the perfect level of challenge as some parts of the game need slightly greater dexterity to control the characters. The game is a one player game which is made up of a number of levels which include all the favourite PJ masks characters, so the game is an absolute must for any PJ Masks fans.

Each of the levels has the feel of an episode of the popular PJ Masks cartoon and the lead characters such as Owlette, Catboy and Gekko interact with each other as well as the player. As you go through each of the episodes, you get to collect hidden items and rewards. The player also gets to ‘drive’ the various PJ Mask vehicles – this is a part of the game where there is more of a challenge for little hands to control the game.

The game is a simple platform game, where players take on the characters of one of the PJ Masks heroes. Although you can’t choose your character, the game play alternates between them all at different points and you get to use the characters unique super powers such as Owlettes flying, Catboys speed and Gekko’s muscles, along the way to defeat the baddies such as Luna Girl, Romeo and Night Ninja amongst others.

The game has good quality graphics in keeping with the cartoon so fans won’t be disappointed. The game has enough challenges to keep young players interested, but is not so difficult they will become easily frustrated. There are lots of positive messages about working together and helping your friends embedded in the story elements of the game, and of course how good always triumphs over bad!

This is a great gift for young children and will provide many hours of fun, especially on the grey, winter days ahead. The convenience of this being a download, means it is a great last minute gift, being available almost immediately. You also don’t need to worry about younger players accidentally damaging the disc with a download, which is a real added advantage. Young children will love the game because it features all their favourite characters and provides just the right level of challenge. So if you are stuck for gift ideas and have a PJ Mask fan, this is definitely a great option, although you don’t have to be familiar with the cartoon to enjoy the game, as all is explained as the story unfold during the game.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £34.99

You can buy this from the PlayStation Online store here.

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