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Pebble Smartstick Charger Review

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Going out for the day or on holiday and your phone, camera etc. running out of power can be a real pain so I was really pleased to receive the Pebble Smartstick Charger (a small and lightweight USB backup battery that gives up to one full charge) to review.

It came at the most perfect time as my family and I were heading out to Benidorm on holiday for 6 nights and I love taking photographs when out.

The Pebble Smartstick came in an easy to open packet and came with a number of different fixings for different devices. Unfortunately there was no part for my iPhone 5s but there was for my husband’s iPhone 4 and my Kindle and camera.


I packed it in my case and couldn’t wait to try it.

When we arrived at our hotel I charged it up which took about an hour or so and then placed it inside the cloth holder with the charger cable and the accessories needed for my camera and my husband’s phone in case they ran low.

After a long day by the pool taking photos in the glorious Spanish sunshine we headed out to explore the local area and we used the Pebble Smartstick to charge my camera as it was getting a little low and I didn’t want to miss any photo opportunities.

Thought the 6 days away the Smartstick came in very handy and was a doddle to use and store away as it’s small and compact.


If like me you are an avid photo taker or rely heavily on your electronic devices then my advice is to purchase a Pebble Smartstick as it’s a great item. Available in 4 colours and every SmartStick Pink ordered Veho donate £1 to Breast Cancer Campaign (see website for more details).

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £18.99

Available to buy from


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