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Packmate Storage Bags Review

Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

I received a selection of Packmate storage bags which come in 3 different styles, vacuum bags, zip up fabric bags, such as a suit bag, and roll up travel bags. All types come in varying sizes and have a 5 year guarantee. The quality was noticeable straight away, the bags were thicker than others I had used before and the fabrics and zips were nice and strong, they did not feel flimsy at all.

The instructions were clear on the vacuum storage bags, printed both on the outside wrapper and the bag itself. However the instructions on the roll up travel bags were not so clear, I had 3 different people looking at them and no one immediately knew what the instructions “massage with fingers prior to use” actually meant, so this could definitely be made clearer.

The quality of the vacuum bags and zip up bags exceeding my expectations and although fairly expensive (£9.99 – £11.99) compared to the high street brands I did think they provided value for money, especially with a 5 year guarantee. The rollup travel bags (£10.99) were the same good quality but not as useful as they tended to crease the clothes in them so you would need an iron on arrival at your destination. They would be good for small, non-crease items such as underwear or swim wear. Another use would to bring home your dirty laundry as you could reduce the space it takes up in your case leaving valuable additional space for souvenirs!

I would buy the vacuum bags, suit bag and underbed storage again, but probably not the travel bags. A great space-saving storage system.

Vacuum Bags – 4  (Would have been 5 if they were less expensive)
Fabric Storage Bags – 4 (ditto)
Travel Bags – 3

Overall rating: 4/5

For more information or stockists visit www.packmate.co.uk.

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