Othello at the Everyman Theatre Liverpool Review

28 April to 10 July 2018


Reviewed by Jan Mellor

The Everyman Theatre in Liverpool makes a performance a joy to behold with its 360-degree seating and open stage area. For Othello this worked really well, and we could see the magic of this Shakespearean tragedy from all perspectives/angles.

The tale of betrayal, passion, suspicion, lies and deceit immersed us in intrigue and fascination to the fact that Othello was played by a woman (the extremely talented Golda Rosheuval) – a unique take on the issue around ‘what is gender’? We were carried within Lago’s web of hatred, jealousy and cunning and observed in stunned silence how he meticulously destroyed Othello’s love and trust of her adored Desdemona (played wonderfully by Emily Hughes).

The two acts brought this heart wrenching tale of espionage to an epic climatic end and as we – the stunned audience – witnessed this treachery unfolding piece by sickening piece before us, we were left feeling the pain and treachery for ourselves. Astounding.

Each role; Cassion (Cerith Flinn), Bianca (Leah Gould), Roderigo (Marc Elliott) and Lago (Patrick Brennan) were played superbly. The fact that a devious act of stealing a gift of love (a lace handkerchief) could lead to a respected general losing all esteem and dignity, her sanity and tragically her true love was a calamity that left the audience is stunned silence throughout this 3-hour performance.

The modest scenery (with the dramatic bedroom curtaining) supported the cast superbly, the lighting set the scene wonderfully, the costumes were authentic, and the play’s design and direction were stunning (created by the talented Gemma Bodinetz).

It was word perfect and a first-class performance in every sense of the word – deserving whole heartedly the standing ovation it received. An astonishing performance.

I was astounded at the skill of this company (Everyman Company). I am an avid follower of the RSC at Stratford upon Avon and Nationally and the talent I saw at the Everyman Theatre this evening matched if not surpassed the RSC company I have seen so often. The performance was breath-taking and my friend, who for her this was her first Shakespearean play, was hooked and in awe, throughout.

An amazing performance that has stayed with me for hours after the show. See this is you want to see an incredible adaption of this tragic tale. Well done on a masterpiece!

A stunning performance!

Rating: 5/5

Tickets cost from £10 to £32 (booking fees may apply).

Othello is at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool from 28 April to 10 July 2018, for more information or to book tickets visit www.everymanplayhouse.com or call the box office on 0151 709 4776.

Liverpool Everyman. 5-11 Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BH | 0151 709 4776


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